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5 Useful Reverse Domain IP Checking Tools

There are a lot of people who are sure domain IP address, as well as domain IP neighbors, have nothing to do with SEO. I’ve been in SEO long enough to be sure in only one thing: there are only a few very basic theories we thing we can be sure about. Most theories are too fuzzy and complex to be clear to anyone.

Today’s tools are quite simple and basic, but you should seriously have a couple of them bookmarked (at the end of the post I’ll link to the cases when those tools may turn useful):

Domain Neighborhood Checker (Majestic SEO)

Now, a few screenshots and details for you to see how the tools work:

The tool looks at your domain IP and Subnet neighbors and ranks them based on each site incoming links count:

Doain neighborhood checker

The site has several free tools apart from reverse IP checking: WhoIs LookUp, Network information Google gadget, etc. Speaking of Reverse IP checking feature, I like how it draws your attention to sites on the same IP that “appear to have explicit content” (obviously based on the “bad” words used in the domains). We don’t know if these sites can in any way affect your Google records, but it is some useful information to keep in mind:



The tool does reverse IP check and displays each site’s design and content preview once you click any:



This is a handy tool that combines several basic tools allowing you to find out the tool IP address, see headers sent by the server, do a whois lookup, etc. The best thing about the tool is that it is really quick and easy, so have it bookmarked for some basic tasks:



The tool displays the list of sites on the same IP address in the alphabetical order:


Now, as promised, here are a few relevant discussions:


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5 Useful Reverse Domain IP Checking Tools

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