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Reddit Subreddits To Google Search: Maximizing Your Brand’s Impact

Learn about the explosive growth and influence of Reddit. Find out how it can impact search results and maximize your brand's reach.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar discussing Reddit, its growth, and how it impacts search results.

It’s been quite a while since I covered Reddit as a topic, but I could talk about it all day, and I think it has and is one of the most influential communities around today.

If you missed the presentation and would like to watch it, you can find it on demand here: From Subreddits to Search: Maximizing Your Brand’s Impact on Reddit.

Let’s dive into the key points we covered during the session.

The Current State Of Reddit

Reddit has seen explosive growth recently. Here are some stats that highlight this surge:

Reddit’s growth rate of 37% year-over-year is phenomenal, and it’s now 50% non-US, marking its impressive international expansion.

Why Reddit Has Become So Influential

Reddit is successful because it addresses a significant problem: the oversaturation of low-quality content on the internet.

Traditional search experiences are becoming less effective, and users seek more reliable, conversational answers.

Reddit fills this gap by providing authentic, user-generated content that is trusted by so many searchers today that they actually add [reddit] to the end of their search queries to force Reddit results.

Google has recognized this and has incorporated Reddit into its search results more prominently after the 2022 helpful content update.

Deals with Google and OpenAI underscore Reddit’s value, with Google signing a $60 million deal for real-time content access and training future AI models using Reddit data.

Tips For Having Success On Reddit

1. Understand The Platform

Reddit isn’t just another social media site; it’s a content-sharing platform.

This fundamental distinction is crucial for understanding how to navigate and succeed on Reddit. Unlike traditional social media platforms, Reddit is designed around user-generated subreddits –communities where content is shared and discussed.

Each subreddit is unique, with its own tone, culture, and rules. Think of subreddits as completely separate communities rather than categories of the same community.

The individuality of each subreddit means you must tailor your approach to fit the specific norms and expectations of each community.

On Reddit, the focus is on topics, not individuals. Influencer marketing, as it exists on other platforms, doesn’t translate well here.

While notable figures like Bill Gates participate, it’s their contributions and the topics they discuss that matter, not their personal brand. This topic-centric approach sets Reddit apart from other social media sites.

Anonymity is a core feature of Reddit, encouraging users to speak freely and honestly.

This anonymity fosters open discussion, as seen in subreddits like “/r/AmItheAsshole,” where users seek unbiased opinions on personal situations. Understanding and valuing this anonymity is key to engaging authentically with the Reddit community.

It’s important to distinguish between moderators and admins on Reddit. Moderators are regular users who manage subreddits, while admins are Reddit employees.

Confusing the two can lead to frustration, as moderators don’t have the same powers or responsibilities as admins. Recognize this distinction to better navigate issues and interactions within the platform.

Understanding these fundamental aspects of Reddit is critical for making a strong first impression and achieving success on the platform.

Mistakes can quickly derail your efforts, but with the right approach, Reddit offers a unique and valuable space for content sharing and community engagement.

2. Avoid Spamming

Spamming on Reddit can take many forms, and it’s essential to avoid behaviors that may be perceived as spammy.

Understanding and respecting the community guidelines is crucial for maintaining a positive presence on the platform.

Spam can be defined differently by each subreddit, but common behaviors include:

  • Posting off-topic content.
  • Submitting too frequently, even with good content.
  • Sharing the same content across multiple subreddits.
  • Trying to bypass subreddit rules (such as using redirects to post prohibited links).
  • Posting without engaging in comments.
  • Engaging in excessive self-promotion.

Each subreddit often lists its specific rules and definitions of spam in the sidebar, so make sure to read and follow them.

Additionally, Reddit continuously enhances its spam prevention measures, making it harder to game the system. Key improvements include:

  • AutoMod: Automated moderation scripts that filter submissions based on various parameters like account age and karma.
  • Contributor Quality Tiers: Assessing users based on their overall activity and legitimacy.
  • Ban Evasion Filters: Using AI to detect and prevent users from creating new accounts to bypass bans.

These evolving measures ensure a better community experience by reducing spam and encouraging genuine engagement.

Avoid attempting to game the system, as these improvements make it increasingly difficult – and ultimately, it just doesn’t lead to success.

3. Become A Redditor And Build Karma

Engage authentically by commenting and participating in discussions before starting your own posts. Build karma and learn what works within different communities.

To establish a presence on Reddit, it’s essential to start by becoming an active member of the community. Engage in subreddits that align with your passions, whether it’s growing peppers or discussing “Rick and Morty.”

This involvement helps you understand Reddit’s unique features, language, and community norms. By participating in discussions, you can start building karma – a reputation score based on upvotes and downvotes.

While karma is a simplified measure of your acceptance on Reddit, it’s vital for unlocking certain privileges and ensuring your posts aren’t hidden by automated moderation.

Focus on subreddits with low restrictions to accumulate karma easily. For instance, posting cute pictures in a cat subreddit or offering advice in a subreddit dedicated to questions can help you earn upvotes and interaction.

However, it’s crucial to approach this naturally and avoid trying to game the system, as patterns of inauthentic engagement can lead to bans and negative karma.

Before diving into posting your own content, prioritize commenting on existing posts.

Commenting helps you blend into the community and learn what types of content generate engagement. By focusing on “rising” posts – threads likely to gain significant visibility – you can maximize your exposure and karma.

This strategic approach allows your comments to receive more attention as the post gains popularity.

Starting with comments also offers insights into the community’s interests and opinions, helping you tailor future submissions to better resonate with the audience.

Submitting content places you directly under scrutiny, whereas commenting allows you to learn and experiment while becoming a Redditor.

Take the time to craft thoughtful, well-considered comments, as Reddit users value effort and sincerity.

Even as a brand, adopt a personable tone. Engaging authentically can shift perceptions positively, as seen in successful campaigns like the one we did for TikTok.

By focusing on building karma through comments first and understanding the community dynamics, you set a strong foundation for successful content submissions in the future.

4. Choose Your Subreddits Carefully

When you’re ready to submit content on Reddit, the first step is to identify the subreddits that align with your interests and goals.

Use Reddit’s search functionality to explore relevant subreddits. You can search specific domains by using “” to see where your content or similar content is being discussed.

This helps you understand which subreddits have positive engagement with your topics. Additionally, you can research your competitors to see where they are active and successful.

Look for subreddits that address user journeys and questions related to your content, ensuring they match the topics you want to discuss.

Once you’ve identified potential subreddits, evaluate their activity levels. Check both the number of members and the current active users to ensure the subreddit is lively and engaged.

A large member count doesn’t always mean high engagement, so prioritize active subreddits over those with inflated, inactive memberships.

Review each subreddit’s rules meticulously. If the rules don’t align with your content goals – such as restrictions on link submissions – find a more suitable subreddit. Attempting to bypass rules will only harm your efforts.

Observe the subreddit moderators to understand their tone and interaction style. Knowing how moderators behave and what content they support can provide valuable insights into how your submissions might be received.

Since moderators play a crucial role in approving or removing content, aligning with their preferences increases your chances of success.

Finally, assess the overall tone around your topics within the subreddit. Even if a subreddit focuses on a relevant subject, the community might have varying opinions.

Be mindful of these nuances to ensure your content resonates positively with the audience. By carefully selecting and evaluating subreddits, you can effectively position your content for maximum engagement and success.

5. Create Your Own Subreddit

For brands, having a dedicated subreddit can be highly beneficial. It allows you to control the tone and foster in-depth discussions that not only solve your customers’ needs but also enhance your search and AI visibility.

Selecting knowledgeable moderators is crucial. They should understand Reddit culture and handle interactions professionally. Avoid arguing with users or getting defensive, which only incites negative responses.

Establish clear rules and use automated moderation tools to manage your subreddit effectively, ensuring a positive experience even when you’re not online.

Embrace critical comments and engage thoughtfully rather than deleting negative posts or banning users. The community respects genuine engagement and can differentiate between legitimate criticism and trolling.

By responding as a relatable, empathetic person, you can turn potential conflicts into opportunities for positive interaction.

Always approach interactions as if you’re the Redditor who convinced your company to join Reddit, focusing on authentic, helpful communication. This personal touch can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation on the platform.

6. Post The Right Content That Adds Value

Once you found the right subreddit and know where you want to submit content, focus on providing value to the community.

Research thoroughly to understand what topics resonate and where you can contribute your expertise. This will ensure positive engagement and brand interaction.

Support existing discussions by offering solutions or insights, enhancing the conversation with your brand’s unique perspective. Reviewing top content from the past year in your chosen subreddit can help you identify successful topics and understand the community’s interests.

Pay attention to standout users and comments to gauge what works and anticipate reactions.

Engage with moderators by studying their submissions and preferences. Building a rapport with them can significantly influence your content’s success, as they play a crucial role in approving and promoting submissions.

Always consider the needs of the subreddit members. While you have the freedom to post as you like, focusing on what the community wants will lead to greater success.

Again,  avoid the temptation to spam or overpromote your content. Focus on what will really provide value to the community.

Finally, keep in mind the broader impact on search and AI. Reddit’s influence on search engine results is significant, and the platform’s content is increasingly used to train AI models.

Choose content that enhances your brand’s visibility and reputation, ensuring it aligns with how you want your brand and products to be perceived. This strategic approach will maximize your reach and effectiveness on Reddit.

7. Post At The Right Time

Timing is crucial for gaining initial engagement on Reddit. Content typically thrives for about 24 hours, although exceptionally popular content can remain visible longer. The general trend is a rapid decline after the initial 24-hour period, and the initial votes are the most critical for boosting visibility.

Avoid the temptation to game the system by creating multiple accounts to upvote your own content, as this can lead to bans and diminish your credibility. Instead, focus on organic engagement to achieve those vital first votes.

To maximize your reach, consider using tools to analyze the best times for posting in your specific subreddit. Generally, posting between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Eastern Time is effective, as it captures a full day of high activity, including both domestic and international users.

8. Stay Engaged After You Submit

After submitting a post on Reddit, it’s crucial to stay engaged. Monitor your post closely for the full 24 hours it’s live.

Engage with comments by voting and responding thoughtfully. Upvote genuine comments and downvote trolls or low-quality contributions to manage comment visibility effectively.

Engage with commenters without being defensive, but don’t feel obligated to respond to every single comment.

Approach interactions naturally, applying common social standards. The goal is to foster a positive, constructive discussion, enhancing your presence on Reddit.

Reddit Is An Invaluable Platform If You Invest The Time And Effort

Reddit is one of the hardest communities to break into. It takes a lot of dedication and sometimes years of experience, but Reddit’s community-driven approach and authentic content make it an invaluable platform for marketers willing to invest the time and effort.

Whether it’s engaging in existing subreddits, creating your own, or running ads, Reddit offers unique opportunities for meaningful connections and impactful marketing.

Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar. It was definitely fun talking about Reddit again. If you have any questions or need help with your brand’s impact on Reddit, feel free to reach out.

A Little Something About Me You Might Not Know…

Brent Csutoras - 2007

I’ve been an avid Redditor since 2006. My journey with social media started in San Francisco, where I got involved with companies like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon right as they were taking off.

One of my favorite memories is emailing Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s co-founder, to tell him how much I loved the site. He responded, we chatted, and before I knew it, we were hanging out.

From tacos to SEO chats, we bonded over our shared passion for Reddit. Fun fact: My son is the first baby Redditor, thanks to Alexis.

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Reddit Subreddits To Google Search: Maximizing Your Brand’s Impact

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