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Performancing Metrics Review : Rivals & Compliments Google Analytics

Performancing Metrics Review : Rivals & Compliments Google Analytics

Some of you may know of Performancing as being the community for bloggers that Nick Wilson (formerly of Threadwatch) started a couple of years ago. Performancing has however, gone through many changes over the past few years; from blog ad network to now an important part of SplashPress Media. Did you know however that Performancing has one of the cleanest and most useful analytics tools on the market?

Performancing Metrics is the blog analytics tool offered by Perfomancing, but it’s not just useful for only blogs.

I run a humor video sharing site, BuzzHumor, and like most webmasters, I need to know what visitors are doing on my site. Google Analytics is a great tool, but it is lacking some major features that Performancing Metrics offers. Therefore, I highly recommend using both, though one could argue that Performancing alone is enough for some people.

Some important things only found in Performancing Metrics:

  • Knowing what pages people are sending visitors from
  • What page of mine they’re sending to
  • How many visitors are being sent to other sites
  • Which sites those visitors are clicking over to

These important statistics are combined with a slick interface, easy quick browsing and tons of other features.

Overall it is actually a much nicer interface than Google Analytics, but Analytics has some nice things like the “site overlay” feature and new vs. returning visitors that Performancing is lacking.

My new favorite feature in Performancing is ‘Spy’ which allows you to see what your visitors are doing in real time. I’ve posted a snapshot below to see:

Performancing Metrics Spy

Another feature that Performancing offers is to look at a referrer and see the visitors they send along with what country they’re from, what browser they’re using, and how many pages they viewed. You can then click on the IP of that person and see everything they did.

You can literally see the path every visitor took on your site, one at a time. That kind of micro-detail information is not available from any other statistics tool that I know of.


Since I run Yahoo Publisher’s Network on Buzzhumor, it’s important that I keep my US based traffic at least 60%. Using Performancing, I can go into my referrers and look up who is sending me traffic, and then specify country along with many other options.

See snapshot below:

Performancing Country Referral Tracking

It would be nice if I could see a huge list of countries by referrer, but to my knowledge that doesn’t exist. It’s pretty easy to see who is sending traffic from what countries though anyway, just not all the stats all at once. What’s cool from the picture above is that you can see what visitors only saw one page, left right away, stayed for how long, etc. All of this is pretty important when you’re buying or trading traffic, or focusing on specific keywords from search engines.


Like most statistical packages, you can view your site statistics by country, web browser, screen resolutions, etc. Again, I can’t stress enough how nice their interface is for looking at this data compared to other tools like Analytics, statcounter, Extreme Tracking, etc.

To sum things up, I recommend Performancing to everyone. It’s easy to use, powerful, and has many features that no other metrics out there have. It’s graphs are great, the navigation is easy, and it loads quickly.

The specific details you can get into about each visitor can really help smaller sites figure out why people are leaving, what they’re most interested in, etc. Since using Performancing I’ve ditched all other statistic tools aside from Google Analytics.


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