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10 Great Google Analytics Alternatives

They may not be as robust as Google Analytics but sometimes you just want something quick and easy. Here are some tried and tested tools.

Are you looking for an alternative (or addition) to Google Analytics?

Do you have concerns over privacy?

Are you looking for something simpler?

Do you just like trying new tools?

If so, here are 10 tools that offer a nice alternative.

They may not be as robust as Google Analytics, but sometimes you just want something quick and easy. All of these tools also have free trials and/or plans.

 1. Matomo

MatomoScreenshot from Matomo, June 2023

Matomo, formerly Piwik, lets you import historic Google Analytics data and serves as a full-service web analytics tool.

This system provides you with heatmaps, A/B testing, funnels and goals, session recordings, and many other conversion optimization features.

It promises 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

Users can host Matomo on their own servers if they’re worried about sensitive data, but the company also offers cloud-based hosting on servers located in Europe.

At present, there are paid advertising integrations available for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yandex Ads. There are also no data limits with Matomo.

There is a free trial with prices for the on-premise hosting product starting at $0 a month for lite use and $23 per month for using the cloud. Cloud use comes with email support.

With the on-premise plan, users can choose which features they want outside of the standard ones, which range from $29/year for an activity log to SAML integration for $579/year, and there are additional robust paid support subscriptions.

2. Woopra

WoopraScreenshot from Woopra, June 2023

Woopra is a tool providing information for product, marketing, sales, and support teams, as it tracks users throughout their journey on the site.

It has unique custom tracking capabilities and over 30+ integrations with products such as Salesforce, Google Ads, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more.

It can also do real-time, on-the-fly things like sending a message to a sales Slack channel right when a new user signs up.

There is a free trial and a free plan with more robust plans starting at $999 a month.

You can contact the company for a quote on an Enterprise solution.

3. GoSquared

GoSquaredScreenshot from GoSquared, June 2023

GoSquared provides analytics and a live chat to help boost sales. You can check the browsing activity that led a user to your site, and, if they give you their email address, see more of their social activity.

Pricing begins at $9/month for a starter package limited to three projects. Middle-tier packages are $24/month for the Standard and $49/month for the Pro, with a Scale package being $99/month.

Currently, new users can receive their free ebook on the fundamentals of web analytics.

GoSquared offers users unlimited team sharing, email reports, unlimited data retention, UTM campaign tracking, and much more.

It has integrations with Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Twitter, Shopify, and Squarespace, among other companies.

It also has a climate-conscious email marketing tool that is purported to reduce and offset your carbon footprint called EcoSend – also available with a free trial.

4. Wide Angle

Wide AngleScreenshot from Wide Angle, June 2023

Wide Angle Analytics integrates with Wix, Ghost, Squarespace, WordPress, and more.

The platform is personal data ready – meaning you can process certain private information with user consent.

Pricing involves three levels: the Founder plan is €9.99 per month, the Team plan is €29.99 per month, and the Business plan is €89.99 per month.

While there is no set free plan, the brand is willing not to charge certain organizations that advance social causes.

5. Mixpanel

MixpanelScreenshot from Mixpanel, June 2023

Mixpanel lets you dive deep into your user’s behavior with live updates, all without using any SQL.

Current integrations include Braze, Convert, HubSpot, CallRail, and many more.

There is a free Starter package, a Growth package starting at $20/month, and an Enterprise package starting at $833/month.

For eligible startups less than 5 years old, it offers up to $50,000 in Mixpanel credits.

6. Heap

HeapScreenshot from Heap, June 2023

Heap shows you every single action by every user on your site and advises on what can be improved upon.

There are over 100 integrations available.

As more of a product analytics tool, Heap is designed to give data about products and how customers interact with them.

There is a free trial, a free plan, and Growth, Pro, and Premier plans that are custom priced.

7. StatCounter

StatCounterScreenshot from StatCounter, June 2023

StatCounter is a web analytics tool that can detect click fraud for paid ads. It also notifies you when an important visitor returns to your site.

With this tool, you can watch the entire user journey and identify possible issues with navigation, site structure, and flow. It integrates with Google Ads and tracks your landing page conversion rates.

It offers a free trial with a Free plan, a Premium plan for $18/month, and a Premium Plus plan for $28/month.

8. Publytics

PublyticsScreenshot from Publytics, June 2023

Publytics bills itself as the analytics tool for publishers, letting you easily monitor your editorial team to see which authors/categories are your best performing.

Its servers are hosted in Finland and Germany and boast an analytics script that is 45 times lighter than Google’s.

Pricing starts at €5 per month and is based on monthly page views.

9. Clicky

ClickyScreenshot from Clicky, June 2023

Clicky is a free web analytics platform offering a Pro version at $9.99 per month, a Pro Plus version at $14.99 per month, a Pro Platinum version at $19.99 per month, and a Custom version that the company will quote for you.

It says its bot detection is the best in the business and helps eliminate all the referral spam that can clog up data.

It also monitors your site and alerts you if it’s down. If you like old-school tools, this might be a winner for you.

Some premium features (heatmaps and uptime monitoring) are not available to lower-level plans.

Clicky also offers white-label analytics.

10. Leadfeeder

Lead FeederScreenshot from Leadfeeder, June 2023

Leadfeeder integrates your B2B marketing and sales data, tells you what pages companies are looking at, has a CRM, and can even email you when your dream company visits your site.

It looks like a great tool to help generate leads. It has live webinars and many downloadable guides and ebooks, which tell you how to maximize the use of its product.

There is a free trial and even a free basic plan, with pricing for bigger plans (for sales and marketing teams) starting at $199 a month. The free plan only retains a week’s worth of data, but the paid plan has no time limit.

Note: This product integrates with Google Analytics and uses that data, so it’s not a replacement but an enhancement that can help you hone in on the desired data you need.

You can use plug-and-play connectors or use its API to access LeadFeeder data in tools like Zapier, ZenDesk, Intercom, and Google Analytics.

The Takeaway

Google Analytics is powerful, and that’s not up for debate – but what do you have to lose by trying one, or some, of these tools out?

You might still need to use Google Analytics, but if you don’t need all that power, you may just find something that saves time getting the exact data you need.

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10 Great Google Analytics Alternatives

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