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Google Analytics: New Features For Managing Large Data Sets

Google Analytics introduces new features for a better reporting experience, including improved data quality identification and enhanced sampling controls.

  • Improved data quality identification makes it easier to to address quality issues.
  • Expanded data sets for Google Analytics 360 properties provide more detailed and accurate reporting.
  • New sampling controls for Google Analytics 360 properties allow users to adjust the level of precision and speed in their explorations.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses to understand their online presence, but the large and complex data sets can be overwhelming.

To improve the reporting experience, Google Analytics has introduced several new features.

These updates allow users to identify and address data quality issues, create more precise and granular reports, and adjust sampling controls for faster, more exact insights.

In this article, we’ll explore the new features and discuss how they can help businesses make better decisions based on their data.

Data Quality Icon

The data quality icon now appears at the individual card level, making it easier for users to identify and address data quality issues.

In the past, the data quality icon only appeared at the top of the Reporting snapshot report and the overview reports, which made it difficult to pinpoint where issues were occurring.

By showing which messages apply to each card in a report, Google Analytics now allows users to quickly see where problems are and take steps to fix them.

“(Other)” Row

A new “(other)” row message may now appear in the data quality icon when a report is affected by cardinality limits.

Cardinality limits can limit the amount of data displayed in a report and result in less common data grouping into an “(other)” row.

By giving users several ways to reduce these limits, Google Analytics enables more detailed reporting, leading to better business decisions.

One-Click Report Creation In Explore

All properties now have a one-click option to create the same report in Explore.

This update is notable because it uses raw, event-level data to provide more precise reporting.

This is particularly important for properties with large and complex data sets, as it allows users to get even more granular data, providing insights that might otherwise be missed.

Updates To Google Analytics 360 Properties

Expanded data sets are now available for Google Analytics 360 properties, allowing users to flag up to 100 reports per property as high priority.

When a report is flagged, Google Analytics permanently removes the “(other)” row from the reports, giving users even more accurate reports.

Lastly, Google Analytics 360 properties now have access to new sampling controls.

These controls allow users to adjust the level of precision and speed in their explorations.

This means that users can get more detailed results using the maximum sample size or faster results using a smaller sampling size.

This is particularly useful for users who need to make quick decisions based on their data but still need the highest level of accuracy.

In Summary

The new features introduced by Google Analytics aim to provide an improved reporting experience for its users when working with large and complex data sets.

The data quality icon at the individual card level, the “(other)” row message, and the one-click report creation in Explore all enhance the accuracy of reports, allowing users to make better business moves.

Moreover, the expanded data sets, high-priority flagging, and new sampling controls for Google Analytics 360 properties further enhance the granularity and precision of data reporting.

These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to continuously enhancing its analytics tool, providing businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions.

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Source: Google

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Google Analytics: New Features For Managing Large Data Sets

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