New Awesome Ways to Search within Current Site (Using Google)

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I am sure you are familiar with (and using regularly) Google’s most useful search operator SITE: – that restricts search results to the domain you specify. I for one have covered multiple tips on:

Obviously, the SITE: operator also turns really useful if you want to quickly find anything within the current domain (but you don’t want to figure how to find the site’s built-in search option). Google’s SITE: search operator makes you smarter, more productive and better equipped for search.

I have listed 3 tools that make Google’s SITE: operator easier to access including: Advanced Dork (not available in FireFox 3.6.8), Search Site (still valid and can be used) and Google site search (runs on Greasemonkey).

Today’s post shares 2 new tools that allow to search within the current domain with one click of a mouse:

1. CyberSearch: Search From URL / Address bar

CyberSearch is a multi-option search addon for FireFox that among other features allows to search within current site.

To do that just type:

>your search term

Right in the address (location) bar. It first suggests you the results from the current domain on the fly (which make it possible to search without SERPs).

After you click {Enter} – it takes you to Google’s search results restricted to the current domain and with >your search term as the search query.

For example, if you want to search for [firefox addons] when browsing SEJ, just type >firefox addon and you are done:


Cybersearch site search


Cybersearch site search

2. Milly’s Bookmarklet: Search for the Highlighted Term

The page as a variety of search bookmarklets taking advantage of Google’s search services and operators – one of them is based on SITE: search:

Google Site Search (just drag this link into your browser’s bookmark toolbar)

Compatible with: FireFox (latest version), Netscape, Internet Explorer (4 and above) and Opera

To use it, just highlight any term on a page and click the bookmarklet – you will be instantly taken to Google’s search restricted to the current domain with the term you highlighted:

Google site search - Milly's Bookmarklets

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    This are easier than the usual searching style in a current site. You can just easily follow the steps and it is really easy and fast. Thanks for this information.

  • Seo Guru

    I am not really that familiar with Google’s Site but thank you for bringing this out. I might have a use for it on my blog and see if there is in any way have an effect on my rankings since we know Google likes us to use their services as always.

  • Nick

    I think result provided by this was nearly matches to Google but not full accurate.but some time these help in many work. Thanks for sharing…

    • Software Testing

      Me also agree with you Nick. Any how thanks for sharing this Ann.