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Featured FireFox Addon: Search Any Site with Google

It is funny I am so used to Google search that I no more bother to look for any site search field. I just go ahead and type site: in Google toolbar and enjoy all search features Google offers including advanced operators and date range.

That’s why I was so happy to come across this handy Greasemonkey script called Google site search. With it I even don’t have to copy-paste the site domain I want to search as this script makes it easy to search any site you are currently browsing using Google:

1. Install the script (which runs on Greasemonkey);

2. Go to any site;

3. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ 9 ( Mac) and Shift+ALT+9 (Windows) to see the search form;

4. See the search form appear in the upper part of the screen;

5. Choose the site directory you want to restrict the search to:

Google site search

Note: the results will open in the same window / tab.

More ways to add more Google search to FireFox:

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Featured FireFox Addon: Search Any Site with Google

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