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Major Changes That Took Place Under The Panda Banner in The Month of February

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Major Changes That Took Place Under The Panda Banner in The Month of February

The greatest and most influential update, which Google has been able to bring about uptil now, is the Panda Update. This update right after its arrival ensured that Google is and will remain the King of search engines in the coming future.

The Panda Update since its initial launch has been updated regularly every month. This update was primarily concerned with ranking and indexing system, so every month Google brings about new changes in Panda to keep it fresh and competent. The lines below give the major changes in Panda in the month of February, which a web marketing company should consider.

1. Expanded Sitelinks:

As per this change Google would adjust signals that are used to identify duplicate snippets. The earlier categorizer was not working well pertaining to expanded sitelinks, which will be resolved after this change.

2. Related Searches Coverage:

The new change will improve the related searches that appear for a typed query. With this change, a user will experience refined related search queries.

3. Relevant Snippets:

The adjustments in signals will terminate the appearance of irrelevant snippets and only relevant snippets will appear for a search. The snippets will be based upon page content and would rely less upon query.

4. YouTube Predictions:

The changes also work on improving the YouTube predictions; now the YouTube results for a query will be based upon the locality of the user, meaning that a US based user will see different results compared to an Asian user for the same query.

5. Consistent Thumbnails:

The new change brings consistency in the thumbnail sizes for mobile and tablets for a search term.

6. Detection of Official Pages:

The pages that were previously misidentified as official will no longer appear after the changes made in Panda. Only the official pages will appear for a search term.

7. Safe Search in Images:

This change will help Google in better identification of adult content in images results of a search term.

8. Local Search Results:

As per this change, the local Universal results will improve by relying more on the signals provided by main search results.

9. English Spell Correction:

This change will make the scoring functions more accurate, and would bring improvement in spelling correction, with special consideration for rare queries.

10. Freshness:

With application of new signals, fresh content will appear in search results in a much fast manner compared to the how they appeared before.

11. Link Evaluation:

This change will affect the link building process for online marketers. According to Google, as per this update, Google is going to change how the search engine evaluates links. The way Google would evaluate links has not yet been disclosed, but this is made official that it will change the way it earlier used to evaluate links.

12. Travel-Related Searches:

This change deals with the Flight Search Feature, resulting in far accurate flight results compared to what the search engine would show earlier.


In short, besides the aforementioned changes, numerous other changes have taken place in Panda in the month of February. However, the above-mentioned are the ones that have a significant impact on user experience as well as online marketing process.



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