SEO Tool: LotusJump New Updates

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SEO Tool: LotusJump New Updates

*Full Disclaimer* While this is not a sponsored review I am fully disclaiming that I am on the advisory board for LotusJump.


Although I have a special interest in LotusJump, it is still one of my favorite DIY SEO tools out there due to its uniqueness, ease of use, and value to small to mid-sized businesses. If you haven’t heard of LotusJump before you may want to get a more in-depth overview of it on the post 5 Tools You May Be Missing from Your SEO Arsenal or view the LotusJump overview video.

The only issue people had with the tool before was that it was somewhat expensive especially for people on a tight budget. It was priced at $99/month, which for its value was still a good deal, but now has different tiered pricing options ranging from $24/month(Basic) to $49/month(Pro).

Today I’m excited to announce new features and pricing options for the tool. LotusJump has expanded beyond just a DIY linkbuilding assistant tool. Before the updates, LotusJump was a great tool to identify places online based on your keywords to find links to your site to build buzz, increase search engine rankings, and drive traffic. Now there are quite a few more helpful things you can do with it.


One of my favorite new features is the Q&A system using Yahoo! Answers. When someone poses a question in Yahoo! Answers, related to your Website, niche, or industry, you get assigned a new task of answering that question. This helps you establish your company, self, or brand as an authority in the space and allows you to guide people back to your site for information, purchases, or resources.


Other great utilities are the social profile and social bookmarking features. They allow you to establish your brand for easy social profile creation and syndicate and promote your content with social bookmarking tools. I feel this is great for DIY SMB sites that aren’t fluent on the latest technologies in the blogosphere and Web 2.0 space to help them get more acquainted with how exactly to approach social media and social networking.


And the last, but not least, a very useful feature is the competitive backlink tool that is only featured in the Pro membership. This tool identifies your competitors, analyzes where they are getting their backlinks, and provides you information on how and where to pursue those links to give you a competitive edge over their SEO efforts.


If you just have one Website, with three or less targeted keyphrases you’re doing SEO for, then I would recommend the Basic package which is only $24/month. If you have any more keywords you are targeting or domains you are targeting then the Pro membership is going to be your only option for $49/month with add-ons from there for additional keywords and domains.

Checkout LotusJump today.

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