Holiday Retail Traffic Online Leads to Increased Conversions and Revenue Growth

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Holiday Retail Traffic Online Leads to Increased Conversions and Revenue Growth

All those annoying banners and popup ads seem to be working! Marketing campaigns online have been very successful during this holiday season. Paid Search and affiliate marketing in particular have played a huge role in driving traffic to comparison based online retailers. Coremetrics, a research company, uses LIVEmark, an index to measure shopping behavior during peak online shopping seasons.

After Thanksgiving, according to Coremetrics, retail sites drove one-third more traffic than the week previous to Thanksgiving. Although it is reported that the average size of retail orders dropped, increased conversion rates and discounting all lead to an increase in revenue for online businesses during this holiday season.

Marketing efforts yielded an increase in traffic of 13 percent from the week starting November 14 to the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, starting on November 21, according to Coremetrics data. After Thanksgiving, online marketing drove a 33 percent increase as compared with the week before.

Discounting is one of the forces behind increased sales volume, however an increase in conversion rate of 24 percent has really been the driving force behind online retailers.

So what does this mean for online marketers and affiliate marketers?
An increase in revenue of 47 percent! Tis the seasons to be marketing!

Read more about Coremetrics and their online marketing research.

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