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How To Grow A Community, Tips For Community Managers: Interview With Ann Smarty

As part of our SEJ interview series, Ann Smarty of Internet Marketing Ninjas joins us to share some advice on how to grow a community.

Ann manages many large and influential communities across the web, such as the community at Internet Marketing Ninjas and MyBlogGuest.

Ann shared with us the key to growing a community. Hear her advice in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • The most important thing, Anne says, is to find the core of your community. These are the people who will be loyal members and ultimately help you promote the community.
  • This doesn’t need to be a group of hundreds of people, even 5 core members makes a difference. You can’t grow a community on your own, so you need these people.
  • People need incentives to promote your community, so Anne suggests to incentivize them with the opportunity for self-promotion.
  • The idea with having a core community group is that you all help each other. They help you promote your brand, and you help them promote their personal brand.
  • When building your core group, don’t necessarily target people who are already well established. Pick people that you can help to grow as they help you grow.
  • If you help other people become experts and influencers they will be eternally grateful and speak highly of your brand for years to come.

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How To Grow A Community, Tips For Community Managers: Interview With Ann Smarty

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