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Google Strengthens Its Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal As of Today

Google Strengthens Its Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal As of Today

This past March it was announced that Google would be strengthening the effect of its mobile friendly ranking signal sometime during the beginning of May. Well, it’s more like the middle of May right now, but it’s finally been officially announced that the stronger ranking signal is in effect.

What does it mean for website owners? Nothing negative will happen if your site is already mobile friendly. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you have even less of an opportunity now to show up in mobile search results.

Occasionally a non-mobile friendly page will be surface in mobile search if Google decides it’s exactly what the searcher is looking for. However, those instances may be fewer and farther between following today’s update.

If your site is not yet mobile friendly, there’s almost no excuse not to redesign your site. That is to say, as long as you value the organic traffic you receive from mobile devices.

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