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4 Google Search Desktop Tools Compared

4 Google Search Desktop Tools Compared

Most desktop search applications are advertised as “time savers” as they don’t require to open a browser which is not true actually because they still open a browser after you hit “search”. So that’s not the reason I’d use them. Instead, I’d take a look at other features the tools offer.

These additional features may include quicker access to search operators or combining several search engines, etc. So here’s a quick overview of desktop Google search tools that offer some extra goodies as well:

Google desktop search tool Cost Accessed via Main search options
Google Desktop Free Google Web + Google Desktop Search field in the taskbar
Google-SearchTool Free Google services + Advanced operators Icon in your task bar
Desktop Search Bar $14.95 Google services + Other search engines Pop-up on mouse-over
SearchIt in Google Free Google Web + Google Desktop Icon in your task bar

Google Desktop

By default, Google desktop searches the web and your computer. What’s more, it:

  • Shows desktop search results as you type;
  • Allows to exclude any domain from your search results (think Wiki!);
  • Has plenty of non-search features.

Google desktop - search


  • Multiple Google services support (Web search, Google groups, Google images, Google news)
  • Advanced search operators (links:, related:, cache:, info:, etc)

More settings:

  • Set SafeSearch filter,
  • Set number of results per page
  • Exact match search;
  • Language preferences.

Note: by default the tool opens Internet Explorer to search. To switch to the browser you are using, you will need to enable custom browser. When you enable this option a “popup” asks a name for your custom browser. After that a Filepopup should appear, browse to the folder/directory of the custom browser and pick out the browsers startup executable.


Desktop Search Bar

(Paid with one-month trial)

A really sleek and cute desktop Google search utility allowing to use multiple search services including: Google images, Google video, Google groups, Google Trends, Google Blogs as well as a lot of non-Google search engines including Amazon, Yahoo, StumbleUpon, etc.

Gogle search bar - catalog

It also allows to customize the look and fill as well as make it transparent:

Google Search bar

SearchIt in Google

The least feature-rich of all. All it can do:

  • Access either general search or Google Desktop;
  • Set up a custom shortcut to quickly access it;

Note: The tools seems to use Internet Explorer (I didn’t manage to change the browser).


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4 Google Search Desktop Tools Compared

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