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Google Search Console Not Showing Your AMP Pages? Here’s Why

Google Search Console Not Showing Your AMP Pages? Here’s Why

Google’s John Mueller responded to a question on Google+ from a concerned individual asking why Search Console hasn’t yet found their site’s AMP pages. The short answer is because “abrupt changes take time to be visible in Search Console.”

If Search Console hasn’t yet discovered your AMP pages, this is normal. Mueller goes on to explain why there’s a delay in Search Console’s aggregated reports. There are two factors webmasters should be aware of, he says, the first of which is a latency in reporting. It can take Search Console a few days, or up to a week, to display data after it has been crawled. Expect longer delays for abrupt changes, like rolling out lots of AMP pages.

The second factor is per-URL crawl rates, which Mueller says differ from page to page. Crawl rates vary from every few minutes for some URLs, to every few months for others. The typical crawl rate for URLs falls somewhere in between. So it’s possible Googlebot has not yet crawled your AMP pages, and even if it has there’s going to be a delay in the reporting of that data in Search Console.

If you’ve recently made your site’s content AMP-compatible, then Mueller recommends manually checking the live URLs of important pages, which you can do using this tool. Mueller suggests Search Console’s aggregate reports are best for spotting stragglers that haven’t been checked.

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