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Good AdWords Updates: Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Ads, & Device Bidding

Google officially unleashed three anticipated AdWords updates today that are designed to help advertisers capitalize on the the shift toward a mobile-first world. Expanded text ads, responsive display ads, and device-specific bidding are now available to all AdWords advertisers around the world. Here are some more details about each of the new ad units.

Expanded Text Ads

Google’s removal of the right-hand sidebar ads paved the way for this new ad unit, which Google is describing as “the biggest update to our ad creative since we introduced AdWords more than 15 years ago.”

Expanded text ads feature two headlines with 30 characters each, as well as an 80 character description. This leads to an ad which is 50% larger in size compared to standard text ads. Since they’re designed for mobile, expanded text ads adjust to the screen size of the device they’re being viewed on.

With some major shopping seasons coming up, Google recommends utilizing expanded text ads as soon as you can. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the new ad unit sooner than later, because on October 26th Google will be retiring the standard text ads. Until then, both types of text ads will be displayed in search results.

Responsive Display Ads

Google’s new responsive display ads adjust themselves according to the size of screen they’re being served on. The new ad unit features 25-character and 90-character headlines, a 90-character description, an image, and a URL. Upon providing that information, Google will then create ads that fit in seamlessly across the entire Google Display Network.

Device Bidding

Google is now offering the flexibility to set individual device bid adjustments for smartphones, computers, and tablets. If this sounds too complicated, you can always make use of Google’s automated Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding was developed using the power of Google’s machine learning to set more informed bids. Within the coming weeks you will also be able to use Smart Bidding to set CPA goals that are specific to each device.

There’s your three new AdWords features to add to the growing list of AdWords updates that have been announced in just the past few weeks. Last week saw the announcements of cross-device conversions and imported call conversions. The week before that Google introduced local inventory ads, ads for accelerated mobile pages, and price extensions for mobile text ads. What will Google have in store for us next?

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Good AdWords Updates: Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Ads, & Device Bidding

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