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Google Announces AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

Today at Google’s DoubleClick Leadership Summit it was announced that advertisements on AMP pages will soon be able to load as fast as the content itself.

Paul Muret, VP of Display, Video & Analytics at Google, conducted a live demonstration of an AMP page loading within 1 second, while the advertisement at the top of the page took 4 seconds to load.

That kind of delay is unacceptable, because by the time the ad loads the reader may have already scrolled down the page and missed it. Realizing that slow loading ads on AMP pages could be hurting CTRs, Google is introducing AMP for ads. Soon both the ads and content on an AMP page will be powered by the same technology.

Throughout the presentation, Muret emphasized the need to create an incredibly fast end-to-end user experience — from content, to ad click, to landing page. Fast loading ads need to lead to equally fast loading landing pages. To satisfy that need, Google also announced that it will be rolling out AMP for landing pages.

It was not specifically announced when AMP for ads and landing pages would be rolled out to all advertisers, but it was mentioned that it’s currently being tested by a select few early adopters. In particular, the Washington Post was said to be one of the publishers already using the new AMP technology. So if you want to see it in action, search for the Washington Post on your mobile device and compare how fast its ads load compared to ads on other AMP pages.

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Google Announces AMP for Ads and Landing Pages

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