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FireFox is the most customizable browser I am aware of and hence it is my favorite one. A while ago posting a huge overview of SEO tools I promised to compile a similar list of available FireFox SEO extensions; and so here I am.

Please mind I don’t use all of them (as that’s impossible, I guess) – you can see that in "How often I use it" column – but that doesn’t mean I do not recommend them; it only means I either didn’t need those add-ons or got used to using something else. Besides, some of the extensions listed might fail to work on the latest FireFox version but I still decided to include them as not everyone now uses the latest version.

  1. Backlink Analysis FireFox Extensions.
    1. FireFox extensions to enhance link analysis in Yahoo! and Yahoo! SiteExplorer.
    2. FireFox Extensions to access other link checkers.
  2. On-page Diagnostics FireFox Extensions.
    1. Extensions to explore page outbound links
    2. FireFox extensions to explore page source code
    3. Other On-page diagnostics tools.
  3. FireFox extensions to enhance your searching experience
    1. FireFox plugins for Google search
    2. Rank checking FireFox extensions.

Backlink Analysis FireFox Extensions.

FireFox extensions to enhance Link Analysis in Yahoo! and Yahoo! SiteExplorer.

Yahoo link analysis extensions

FireFox SEO extensionFunction(s)Data accessed via… How often I use it
yExploreQuickly access link data by right-click on any URL.Mouse right clickI don’t currently use it
SearchStatusQuickly access link data of the currently active page.FireFox status barOnce a day
SEOquake / SEO for FirefoxSee SEO information for each Yahoo! and YSE search listing.Integrated within search results.Multiple times a day
SEO Link AnalysisSee link anchor text, link type and linking page Google PR.Integrated within search results.Multiple times a day

FireFox Extensions to Access Other Link Checkers.

FireFox link checkers

FireFox SEO extensionFunction(s)Additional features Accessed via… How often I use it
Smart PageRankChecks backlinks for a current active page.Allows you to also check for Google PR (often broken), anchor text and nofollow link attributeBuilt-in toolbarI don’t currently use it
Inbound Link QualityShows the estimated quality of backlinks for an active page.Shows Dmoz and Yahoo directory presence, number of .edu and .gov backlinks, age and Alexa rankFireFox status barI don’t currently use it
Link DiagnosisRequired to get access to the full backlink report at Link Diagnosis siteOnce a week

On-page Diagnostics FireFox Extensions.

Extensions to Explore Page Outbound Links.

Explore outbound links

FireFox SEO extensionFunction(s)Accessed via… How often I use it
Web DeveloperShows any link full address and properties.Extension toolbar => “Information” => “Display Link Details Multiple times a day
Link Evaluator (or a similar one: LinkChecker)Shows the linking page header status code by color: green – 200 OK , red – not workingFireFox Menu => Tools => Validate linksI don’t currently use it
SEOquake / SearchStatusHighlights / strikes through links using "nofollow" attributeOn a webpageMultiple times a day
SEOQuake SEObarExplores all internal and external links of a page by fetching Google PR and Yahoo backlinks dataExtension built-in toolbarOnce a day

FireFox Extensions to Explore Page Source Code

Extensions to explore source code

FireFox SEO extensionFunction(s)How often I use it
View Source ChartGraphically displays source structure.Once a week
JSView 2.0.5 Displays information on page external files.I don’t currently use it
HighlightAllHighlights identical elements in the code.I don’t currently use it
Html ValidatorValidates HTML of the current page.Once a week
View Formatted SourceShows source structure.I don’t currently use it
SourceEditor Allows to edit code and view the results.Once a day
PageDiffCompares code of several pages.I don’t currently use it
FirebugEdit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.I don’t currently use it
Web DeveloperEdit and validate source code.Multiple times a day

Other On-page Diagnostics Tools

firefox extensions for onpage diagnostics

FireFox SEO extensionFunction(s)Accessed via… How often I use it
Web Developer

Analyze a page HTML semantic structure: gives any page outline based on heading tags usage

Extension toolbar => “Information” => “View Document OutlineMultiple times day
Analyze page images size and anchor text.
Live HTTP headersView all http requests issued by the Web page loaded in the browser.Right-click => "Page Info" => HeadersOnce a week
User-agent switcherSends the server different information about which user-agent is requesting a file.FireFox menu => Tools => User-agent switcherOnce a week
Page age Shows the date when Google first found the page.Right-click => get page ageOnce a week
FangsCreates a page outline based on H1-H6 headings and link anchor textRight-click => View Fangs (Headings list, Links list)Once per two weeks

FireFox Extensions to Enhance Your Searching Experience

FireFox Plugins for Google Search

Google search firefox extensions

FireFox SEO extensionFunction(s)Accessed via… How often I use it
Google de-personalized searchTurns off Google personalized search.FireFox search pluginsOnce a week
Google without WikipediaRemoves wiki results from Google SERPsFireFox search pluginsI don’t currently use it
Number Google ResultsShows numbers for Google SERPs.Integrated within search results.Multiple times a day
SEOQuake or SEO for FireFoxShows SEO information (domain age, backlinks, indexed pages, etc) for each Google search listing.Integrated within search results.Multiple times a day
Webmaster2 for FireFoxIntegrates rankings and Google PR within search results.Integrated within search results.I don’t currently use it
Google GlobalAllows to view both organic and paid results for 5 different countries (USA, Canada, Ireland, UK and Australia)Right-click => Search Google GlobalI don’t currently use it
Google Advanced SearchAllows for a quick access to some Google advanced operatorsGoogle Advanced Search toolbarI don’t currently use it
GooglePreviewShows page preview within Google resultsIntegrated within search results.I don’t currently use it
SocialPhileAccess Digg rankings within search resultsIntegrated within search results.I don’t currently use it
SearchRadarIntegrates related phrases to the search resultsIntegrated within search results.I don’t currently use it

Rank Checking FireFox Extensions

rank checkers

FireFox SEO extensionOptionsAccessed via How often I use it
SEObook rank checker Checks for Google (and Yahoo) rankings (as well as their local variations); exports results to CSV, easy to access and customize.FireFox status barOnce a week
SEOMoz Rank Checker buttonSaves history your search engine position history.Bookmarks toolbarI don’t currently use it

More resources to SEO your FireFox:

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  • Maing

    Hi Ann

    actually the SEO link analysis is not working for me.
    It returns this error : document.getElementById(“seschp”) is null

    I’m using FF3 on WinXp

  • Ann Smarty

    @Maing, edited the link, thank you. Please check again.

  • Gidseo

    Thank you Ms Smarty for another great resource.

  • Maing

    @Ann Smarty
    LOL i mean the extension is not working,not your link 🙂

    In site explorer it returns me document.getElementById(”seschp”) is null error.

    Am i the only one with this problem?

  • Ann Smarty

    @Maing, Actually, it does work with me; I am also using FF3 on WinXp… Will have to hear from other users I guess…

  • Maing

    sigh this means that i need to reinstall my OS for the 6th time 🙁

    Have i told you that this is a great article?

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Great extensive list! Thanks for making it so easy for us 🙂

  • Kim Andersen

    I do also have the problem with document.getElementById(”seschp”) in Yahoo! siteexplore, like Maing does.

    And I use FF3 in Windows XP…

  • Max | Design Shard

    coll stuff, ive not used any seo plugins before so ill take a good look, thanks

  • Chetan

    Great list there!

    I have had a list of 10 extensions, but this is a superb one.

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Thanks for Posting Useful List of SEO Extension Will Be Really Help Ful.

  • Alex Filippi

    Great SEO extension but some time generate bugs so far.

  • Sane SEO

    A really comprehensive list – now all we need is a list of extensions for Chrome;)

  • Barrie Adams

    SEO Quake is a truly great plugin for SEO, does most of what you need.

  • W Sweeney

    I have been using rank checker as of late and have noticed that the google results have not been all that reliable. I will say it does pick up on the Google local lists, however when it comes to the positioning of true organic results it can be off by quite a margin. It’s results on Yahoo are dead on, for our purposes we don’t really monitor MSN at this point so I can’t speak to that. I have a hunch it is either pulling from the maps results in some instances or perhaps through an API which may not have the same information at it’s disposal. Can anyone else share similar issues, or perhaps shed some light on what I am seeing and why. We also use Advanced web ranking and that seems to be dead on, however the rank checker tool is much more convenient for most rank checking tasks.

  • Maing

    Hi Sweeney
    I have same issues with rank checker,results are unreliable but maybe it’s because i’m from Italy.
    In the options i’ve set to search in but results are very different from real SERPs.

  • john

    I’m not sure how rank checker works, but if it scrapes google, that’s the answer to the question about reliability. Google is constantly changing page layouts, and has recently gone further than before to discourage automated rank checking. It’s my belief that they now deliberately scramble the results when they believe the useragent (the program making requests to Google) is a robot, not a web browser.

  • David – LA Marketing Firm

    Hey Anne,

    This another great post. I only had SEO for Firefox, and SEOQuake for stricly SEO. I also occasionally use a proxy server to hide my IP, something similar to PHP Proxy, as well as WASP – which is a web analytics tool. It allows you to see which analytics tools and what third party ad platforms are on the site you are visiting.

    Great Post as usual!

  • Footnews

    Hey I think you missed SEO ronk …
    Good list anyway ^^

  • Anil Kumar Singh

    All above tools is very useful for SEO.

  • baby-bride

    Ann, I may be late to know this post, I have just found a link at sitepoint and your post is excellence. I never know these one before, I have to try after this comment. Thanks.

  • Tilak

    Very good list.

    I also would like to add few more at

  • Florida SEO

    Updated seolinkanalysis today to v 1.0.4 … I’m still on FF 2 .. and I’m akso getting document.GetElementById(“seschp”) is undefined JavaScript error too …

    I’m submitting a bug report to Joost …

  • John


    For everyone that is having problems with Joost’s seolinkanalysis tool (document.GetElementById(”seschp”) ) – first click (us version of the site) before entering the ‘link:domain’ command. This should sort it.

    Hope this helps.

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  • elemints

    customize google is my fav, but not mentioned

  • Malcolm

    Hey Ann, I know you’re likely very busy so I won’t take much of your time. First thanks for the Firefox Plugin reviews and your comments. I just had to tell you about a brand new, free keyword research tool that Brad Callen just released.
    It allows you to browse Google and view the Adwords keywords of ANY Adwords advertiser!
    Basically, it’s a small file that gets installed into your web browser (i.e. Firefox).

    When you do a Google search, the software automatically places a “view keywords” button
    below every single Adwords advertiser.

    Click the “view keywords” button and really neat popup window appears that not only shows
    you the keywords that any Adwords advertiser is bidding on, but it also shows you a TON of other information, like how much they’re paying per click and so on. It’s awesome.
    Anyway, here is the link where you can download the software, and it doesn’t cost anything.


    Hope you’re having a great week and I’ll talk to you soon.

    P.S. Here’s the link where you can get the free Adwords keyword tool again:

  • Ann Smarty

    @Malcolm, I’ll check it out! Thanks a lot!

  • webdesign

    I have the javascript error too with SEO Link Analysis 🙁 fix doesnt work here on FF3

  • Richard Vanderhurst

    Cool list. I love using firefox add ons for SEO purpose. but for sometime I don’t get a true PageRank for websites that I visit.

  • perde modelleri

    Thanks admin very nice

  • Raman

    Its best for SEO peoples. Becoz its saves time and increase capability of work.

  • Nepali Forum

    Thanks for this wonderful list of plugin. I have already installed three including smartpagerank. I am much interested in knowing the particular URL is nofollow or not. So, i will use smart page rank mainly.


  • Wordpress Developer Sydney

    Is the extension disable now .. says so in their website.