3 FireFox Addons to Instantly Validate HTML

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3 FireFox Addons to Instantly Validate HTML

We have previously discussed why it is recommended and SEO-wise to conform to W3C standards. This week I am listing most useful FireFox add-ons that help you validate your site pages:

1. HTML Validator

Html Validator adds a small icon to the status bar which instantly validates the code as the page loads.

The extension is based on HTML Tidy originally developed by W3C but then enhanced by other people. The algorithm is embedded inside Firefox and makes the validation locally on your machine, without sending HTML to a third party server.

Html Validator

The detailed validation report looks as follows:

HTML validator - details

2. Total Validator

Total Validator is a FireFox addon that uses the official W3C and ISO DTDs for HTML Validation. The addon works via the icon in the status bar which, when clicked, opens a new tab with the detailed validation report:

Total Validator

3. Validaty

Validaty works via a tab in the toolbar (Note: It may be nowhere to be found after the installation. To find it, right click on a blank spot in the toolbar and click “customize”. Then you will have to drag the Validaty icon into the toolbar for it to show up). Once clicked, it evaluates the current page and turns either green (if the code is fine) or red (when errors are found):

Validaty: icon

When clicked, it brings you to W3 validator report.

Multi-Feature Addons that Also Have Validation Option:

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