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Facebook Introduces 3 New Ad Reporting Tools

In time for the holiday shopping season, Facebook is rolling out new tools to assist advertisers with analyzing campaign performance.

Facebook is making it easier for advertisers to measure ad performance across accounts, channels, and publishers.

With this data, advertisers can better understand how ads are performing, which demographics they’re reaching, and where the most conversions are coming from. Here’s more about the new ad reporting tools.

Cross-Account Reporting

Cross-account reporting allows advertisers to see metrics from multiple ad accounts all in one place. This includes data such as reach, impressions, and conversions.

”This reporting surface serves as a one-stop shop for a clear, concise report on your business’ performance and will allow you to save time that was previously spent manually building reports.”

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Custom Metrics

Advertisers will have the option to build their own custom metrics in order to track more of the data they care most about. Custom metrics can be created once and used across all reports.

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Conversion Path Reporting

Facebook launched Conversion Paths earlier this year to help businesses track the multiple interactions a single customer may have before making a purchase. To accompany this feature, Facebook is now rolling out conversion path reporting.

“According to a Facebook-commissioned Ipsos study, in 2018, shoppers used a variety of channels – from online to print to television – to shop and get inspiration for holidays gifts. To better understand if you’re reaching these shoppers, you’ll need insight into the conversion paths across these channels and publishers.”

Conversion path reporting allows advertisers to view the publishers in the most frequent conversion paths across channels and devices. With this data, advertisers can identify the most impactful conversion paths.

Facebook acknowledges that cross-channel and cross-device measurement is a top priority for marketers. The company will continue to evolve its measurement solutions to address these priorities.

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Facebook Introduces 3 New Ad Reporting Tools

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