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How to Export Google Search Results to Excel

How to Export Google Search Results to Excel

Saving Google results as an Excel file can open up plenty of possibilities for advanced analysis you would never think of before.

SEOquake (Update: if the site it down, you can install it here) is a FireFox addon that has plenty of options – and one of them is the ability to export Google search results in a CSV file which you can open with Excel.

The export file contains:

  • Each listing URL
  • Any additional data you set SEOquake to retrieve (e.g. Google PageRank; Google cache date, Yahoo links, etc.).

SEOquake CSV

This handy little feature allows for a wealth of possibilities. Do you want to know how many people saved each page of your site to Delicious and how many backlinks each one has? No problem!

  • Configure SEOquake to only show you Yahoo backlinks to a page and Delicious index,
  • Set Google to show you 100 results per page;
  • Run {}search in Google;
  • Export results to csv;
  • Play with all those sorting and filtering options Excel has to offer.

This will give you an idea of how many backlinks versus Delicious bookmarks (considering both can be the metrics of the resource usefulness) the site has:

Google search results - Excel (SEJ)

Important: here’s an absolutely fantastic post on scraping Google results teaching how to export search listings titles, descriptions and URLs



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