Can SEO Be Automated?

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Loren Baker
Loren Baker SEJ STAFF
Can SEO Be Automated?

Automated SEO used to be a staple of the pre-Google era with applications like Web Position Gold dictating which changes needed to be made on a web site according to its definition of keyword density and the amount of meta tags used by its competition.

More recently more and more software companies are offering SEO oriented software which identifies what the competition is doing and the possible holes in their campaigns which you or your client should take advantage of.

But can the entire process of SEO become automated? Or is it a case by case human powered process which is built upon natural copy, relevant semantics, social tagging and real world relationships which bring about the right links and coverage?

Recently Commerce360, a very well known SEO company, has gone in the direction of proprietary automated SEO software in what may be an initiative to be the next aQuantive or Performics style acquisition or change the entire SEO industry if successful [my emphasis in bold]:

We’re on a mission: to create the future of search marketing. We started out thinking we’d build a next-generation online agency – that we’d be the first one to have numbers, analytics, statistics, technology in our DNA rather than brand strategy and creative. But we came to realize that the natural endpoint of our vision, and the natural evolution of the search industry, weren’t towards a new agency model. That the agency model is fundamentally corrupt. Rather, we and search were both driving towards software.

Because search is just too complex for humans to effectively grasp. Google has legions of Ph.D.s and acres of servers running the software those Ph.D.s write. Yet the typical paid search campaign is run by an English major with a spreadsheet. There has to be a better way.

So we raised venture capital and we’re building a search optimizer.

Not a tool, like Atlas or SearchCenter, but a true optimizer. A pivotal departure from everything that has come before it. We have something going on

Evidentally Commerce360 believes that automation and software is the future of SEO. Or is it?

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.


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