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According to various reports, Google co-founder Sergey Brin has invested in a space tourism company.  Furthermore, Brin has expressed interest in going into orbit himself...

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Earlier this week, consumer groups requested that Google make its privacy policy more visible, making the argument that under California law the company is required...

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Microsoft may have walked away from the table in negotiations with Yahoo for a takeover deal, but just because they’ve pulled their bid, that doesn’t...

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For the longest time, Yahoo was the U.S.’s most-visited website and Google was the most popular search engine.  That has, however, changed.  Google is now...

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After the deadline passed last weekend for Yahoo to accept Microsoft’s takeover bid, many were left wondering what Microsoft would do next.  This week, Microsoft...

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Two major search engine companies that also offer a variety of competing services: can they be friendly and work side-by-side?  In the case of Yahoo...

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While its certainly not any new news that Google has been testing out television ads, what is new is that they are about ready to...

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A UK Christian organization is fighting back after Google rejected their advertisement submission for being “unacceptable content”, and is taking the search company to court. ...

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