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Google Likes Working With Yahoo

Two major search engine companies that also offer a variety of competing services: can they be friendly and work side-by-side?  In the case of Yahoo and Google, the answer is yes.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed this on Thursday, when he talked about Yahoo’s current test partnership with Google, and sang nothing but praise of his competition.

“It’s nice working with Yahoo and we like them very much,” Schmidt said.  Translation: we like money, and Yahoo can help us make more of it.

Yahoo and Google have worked together in the past, so the fact that they’re working together again shouldn’t really come as such a surprise for those who’ve been around.  At the turn of the century, Google results were incorporated into Yahoo results.

If the speculation out today is true, the two companies may make the trial partnership official, striking a deal that would see Google Ads appear in Yahoo search results. Making headlines today is speculation that Google is close to a deal with Yahoo that would ward off a Microsoft takeover (at least for a little bit), and create over $1 billion in new revenue for Yahoo.  And if Yahoo would be making $1 billion, you can be pretty sure that Google will be raking in a nice chunk of change as well.

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Google Likes Working With Yahoo

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