Google Likes Working With Yahoo

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Two major search engine companies that also offer a variety of competing services: can they be friendly and work side-by-side?  In the case of Yahoo and Google, the answer is yes.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed this on Thursday, when he talked about Yahoo’s current test partnership with Google, and sang nothing but praise of his competition.

“It’s nice working with Yahoo and we like them very much,” Schmidt said.  Translation: we like money, and Yahoo can help us make more of it.

Yahoo and Google have worked together in the past, so the fact that they’re working together again shouldn’t really come as such a surprise for those who’ve been around.  At the turn of the century, Google results were incorporated into Yahoo results.

If the speculation out today is true, the two companies may make the trial partnership official, striking a deal that would see Google Ads appear in Yahoo search results. Making headlines today is speculation that Google is close to a deal with Yahoo that would ward off a Microsoft takeover (at least for a little bit), and create over $1 billion in new revenue for Yahoo.  And if Yahoo would be making $1 billion, you can be pretty sure that Google will be raking in a nice chunk of change as well.

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  • Samirb

    I find it interesting that two are working together. It’s refreshing to know that people don’t take this industry so seriously that they can be civil with even their competitors.

  • Igor The Troll

    Looks more like Yahoo going to bed with Google just to pump and dump to Microsoft.

    Plain Economics, supply and demand optimal price optimization. Something like SEO LinkBait!

  • Kaszub

    2 are stronger, but 2 strongest in their regions are strongest in the world . I am afraid to think what they can achieve …

  • arin2u

    Seems like search giant is going for a relationship with an e-commerce giant, it’s a huge turn around in the internet economy. When Eric Schmidt says “we like money, and Yahoo can help us make more of it”, its a critical fishy idealism which put questions on providing quality search results to web surfers.

  • Igor The Troll

    Quality? I think that word dropped out of their lexicon long time ago.

    Do not expect improvements, if anything things will get worse on both ends.

    I think a user need to dig really hard to find relevant information on the net. Everything is biased and filtered.

    As the Internet defragments, it maybe be better to go the route of social media aggregators.

    Just remember, humans learn from each other not from machines!

  • Wayne Smallman

    Alternate translation: “We like the idea of a free / weaker Yahoo! than one tethered in high-orbit to the Mount Microsoft in Redmond.”

    And then there’s that old Russian proverb: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Politics, eh…

  • arin2u

    gr8! its monetary politics 😉

  • nancy

    I guess change is inevitable – hopefully for the better!

  • Karl Bennion

    Google and yahoo working together I like that. Anything to help make Google more predictable.

    Here’s an interesting quote from Popular Mechanics. Udi Manber, Google vice president overseeing search quality, in response to a question about webpage content evolving to be more search engine friendly explained, “It’s definitely still lacking. I wish people would put more effort into thinking about how other people will find them and putting the right keywords onto their pages.” Popular Mechanics – April 16, 2008

    Maybe there’s hope. Hopefully Yahoo wears off on Google a little bit.