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Soon You’ll Be Able to Play “Where’s Waldo” in Google Earth

Melanie Cole, a Canadian artirst, has launched a new project called “Where on Earth is Waldo?”, putting a new twist on an age-old game.  Instead of flipping through pages of a book, and hunting down Waldo in illustrations, players will be able to hunt for Waldo using Google Earth.

Cole’s first Waldo, which measures 55-feet long and features Waldo clad in is iconic red-and-white-striped sweater, ski cap, and glasses, was done on a rooftop in Vancouver, Canada.  However, she hasn’t indicated the exact location.  You’ll just have to get on Google Earth and find it for yourself!  That sounds easy enough, but the tricky part is that its not known when  aerial imaging will fly over Vancouver or when Google Earth will update its imagery.  So theoretically, Waldo could pop up on Google Earth at any time.

According to Cole’s blog, other artists around the continent are now interested in replicating her Waldo and participating in the game.  She says that artists in Phoenix and New Orleans have expressed interest.  With the publicity this is now receiving, we expect more may also be interested.  Anticipating that, Cole says she plans to create a PDF of instructions for anyone who wants to install a Waldo in their cityscape.

To keep tabs on the new Where’s Waldo game, check out Cole’s blog.

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Soon You’ll Be Able to Play “Where’s Waldo” in Google Earth

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