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MBA Students Are Dying to Get in at Google

Upon graduation, the dream of many MBA students is to snag a job at Google.  Yep, that’s right – Google.  For the second year in a row, Google has become the most coveted employer of MBA grads, beating out expected favorites of investment banks and consulting firms.  A survey found that 23.65% of those students polled would choose Google as the top choice of where they’d like to work after graduating.

So why is Google the top choice?  For one it’s a recognized global brand, but putting that aside, the company’s infamous perks and corporate culture have really caught the eyes of today’s youth. From free gourmet meals to “20% time” which allows engineers to work on the projects and things they’re most passionate about, Google promises what many have found missing from the rest of corporate America.

Thousands of MBA students apply to get hired by Google, with hundreds of new MBA’s getting pick up last year alone.  But competition is stiff, and the interview process is notoriously grueling.

According to Yvonne Agyei, Google’s director of global university programs, MBAs are particularly attracted to Google because they “really get a lot of responsibility right at the outset. MBAs are looking for the opportunity to make an impact.”

The second most popular choice for MBA grads was McKinsey and Co., which was on 15.84% of students’ wishlists.  In third was the investment bank Goldman Sachs, which snagged 14.98% of the vote.

The poll, which was conducted by Universum Communications, included 5,769 students at 52 business schools.

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MBA Students Are Dying to Get in at Google

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