8 Great Paid Search Engines Beyond Google, Yahoo, and MSN

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8 Great Paid Search Engines Beyond Google, Yahoo, and MSN

We have all heard of, and commonly utilize, Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords, Sponsored Listings, and MSN adCenter, and most search marketers are generally happy with their proven results.

Although these powerful search marketing solutions are robust and drive millions of searches and clicks per day, there are many other paid search engines that try to compete in this marketplace. Soe you might not of heard of, others you might be familiar with but have never considered using them for paid campaigns.

Today, I am going to share several other options to the ‘big three’, but first let’s talk about why you should consider using them.

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Why Use Other Search Engines?

The benefits to listing your website on other paid search engines are rather significant and worthy of your consideration.

Sure, some will not produce the traffic you are looking for while others may not convert, but running limited testing on these sites can sometimes unearth some diamonds in the rough, and increase your overall search business or improve your bottom line.

  • The first benefit to consider is that other search engines will charge considerably less per click, yet often feed the same quality of traffic to your website. This will result in a much high ROI and will expand the impact of your advertising budget immensely.
  • In addition, you will reach an audience which may be untapped, or whom would not have found you through the bigger search engines. A broader reach and more profit per click – need I say more?
  • You may also be getting a jump on your competition if they’re not covering every search angle.

Convinced? You should be.

Here is a list of eight great paid search engines that could help you grow your business and reach a broader audience, which in turn could help you beat out your competition. 

  • MIVA is a growing and often underrated search engine. They distribute their ads over two networks: the MIVA Precision Network, which concentrates on specific business categories, and the MIVA Core Network which is predominantly content sites. Their minimum CPC is .10 cents, and they have a $25.00 new account minimum. Miva also owns SearchFeed, so they also may be able to set you up with a similar account there. Miva has an Alexa ranking under 10,000, thus they are heavily trafficked and offer a solid reach.
  • FaceBook Ads, previously known as FaceBook Flyers, is an exciting opportunity to reach a large demographic. The PPC marketplace is a fairly new endeavour for FaceBook. However, they are coming out of the gates with a powerful reach and affordable rates. FaceBook ads is offering CPC or CPM pricing structures, and it offers highly customizable targeting by age, gender, location, interests, and more.
  • Looksmart is another solid choice for your PPC dollars. They proclaim a 70% reach to all Internet users via their distribution partners, such as,, CNET, Cox Interactive and more. Yes, they’ve sold off their article publication arm, but perhaps in a moe to focus on paid search. Looksmart is also known to have great customer service and an easy to use account management system.
  • GoClick may not be the most attractive search engine, as it does not have the web 2.0 appearance one may expect from a search engine trying to make a name for itself. However, what they do have is quality traffic at low prices. In fact, goClick is known to possess favorable results, boasting strong customer loyalty. If you look at customer retention as a means of determining success, goClick is highly successful.
  • Superpages, that’s right, Verizon’s local search arm is an absolute must for any brick and mortar business looking to drive relevant search traffic. It’s cost per click can be a little high, dependent upon your geo-location and business niche, but the traffic is interested and ready to buy, and leads can be driven via click thru or pay per call – which is perfect for some restaurants and local services.
  •, a Valueclick company, has been involved in the PPC marketplace since its inception in October of 2000. Search123 derives its traffic from hundreds of content sites, and they do deliver a consistently high level of traffic at considerably low CPC prices. There are no set up fees to test this network, although they do have a $50.00 minimum funding balance.
  • MySpace SelfServe Ads – coming soon! MySpace has been quoted as releasing the following statement at a recent Ad: Tech conference regarding SelfServe by MySpace, “an advertising network for display ads. The new tool will enable users to select from a number of ad targeting factors, such as geographic, demographic, and various user interest categories. The service will be ready for use by early 2008. The minimum advertisement purchase size is $10; pricing will be based on a click to the advertiser’s profile and will be auction-based once it gets going.”
  • 7Search – Frank Watson (AussieWebmaster) of FXCM loves 7Search and raves about the ROI and conversions 7Search provides, especially in the financial sector. Give them a try as their low $25 account start up and no minimum bid should be reason enough to investigate.


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