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7 Days of Search and Social; more news than you can handle!

Hello my weary web warriors and welcome to another week of news for the search obsessed.

It was an interesting week that had some big announcements, app updates, more Super Heroes and the usual collection of gratuitous goodiness that is the world of search. I hope things are going well for you….

Let’s get on with the show!

Lead Story

Google Analytics? WTF?

Is probably what you’re asking right about now as far as our TOP story of the week is concerned. Yes, Bing and Google made announcements about Twitter integration. Yes, Google also broke a story about their upcoming ‘Social Search’ in Google labs… But REALLY… until Google has them out in the wild, it’s a non-story for me. As for Bing’s Twitter search? Well, go try spamming it some…works like a charm! So that’s a FAIL for me at this point as well…

So my weary web warriors, we’re going to go with what had to be the other big story that actually had some teeth; Google Analytics updates. Yes, it’s true that it’s not directly a search related story, but come on; what’s the point without measurements? Right?

Of the new additions, I particularly liked the email alerts and of course being able to add up to 20 goals (it’s been a pathetic 4 up until now) is also a great addition. If yer not an analytic geek yet, shame on you…

If you are; here’s some of the coverage from the week;

Official Google Announcment
Search Engine Journal (And here)
Search Engine Watch

And even some vids for you….

Google Analytics feature: Expanded and Engagement Goals
Google Analytics feature: Advanced Table Filters
Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts

There are some very cool features that I’ve been playing with already and you should be too!! There’s little point in running marketing campaigns without strong measurement tools… so be sure to study up on these!

Now, let’s get on with some search geekiness shall we?

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The Buzz Bin

Dealing with low quality backlinks – This is actually a kinda funny one that some mates and I were talking about… The old, “bad links can’t hurt you” which is quickly followed by advice to try and get them removed…lol… nice work with the consistency guys. Grab some tin foil and have some fun.
Click Here for 50,000 Free Dofollow Links from a PR9 Domain – is a fun little tale of the link obsessed. John does a nice job of not only highlighting a potential FaceBook loop hole, but how one needs to qualify links, not just quantify them (tell that to yer fav black hatter.. = all links are good links)
Multiple domains; same site, different names – as always Michael puts forth some passionate prose towards common sense SEO. Even if a lot of (so called) SEO Experts don’t get it, he speaks the truth. Multiple domains and interlinking is not only viable (when done right) but a damned good idea in some instances. Is it safe? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out…hehe.. (being a tease this week…).
An Open Letter to a Client in Search of an SEO Provider – is an (almost?) tongue in cheek letter from Stoney to anyone considering hiring an SEO. Now if I could only get MY clients to buy into this sound advice…sigh…
10 Tips for Video SEO – a good post for a topic we don’t really hear enough of… VSEO. This post is a good one for the bookmarks. Oh and since we’re into it now, the guys at Search Agents also had a good post on SEO for YouTube… that should tie you over for now!
The Perfect Link Request Email – Shaun over at Hobo gives us his ‘best practices’ for link request emails.. Some believe these approaches to be a thing of the past, but I am with Shaun in that they’re just more targeted (and part of an outreach program).


3 Steps to Becoming a Writing Machine – is some handy go-to advice from Lyndon over on Magnetic Web Content. He’d know a thing or two about writing now wouldn’t he? Kudos on the advice bro!
When the PageRank Toolbar Goes Dark… – is an interesting post from David Naylor as myself and a few of the (SEO Dojo) members had been discussing this very topic. Is the ToolBar PageRank the next victim now that it’s been axed in WMT? And what will myopic site owners do then? A good read…(bring tin foil)
Creating XML site maps – while I’m an old school guy that believes there’s noting better than a HTML site map, this post on the Scoop (from Spider Girl aka Stephanie Woods) is a good (beginner) guide to getting your XML site-map together.


Google Reader’s Personalized Ranking –  GoogleSystem was reporting on some interesting personalization additions over in Google Reader. Sure, it’s not actually search, but when something deals with both ‘ranking’ and ‘personalization’ from Google, I for one stand up and take notice (that’s a hint, so should you).
This doesn’t make sense – Dave Naylor makes another appearance this week with some very odd SERPs that popped up lately. I’ve included this one as it was another convo I was having with the gang a few weeks back… a definite WTF moment. But we actually saw it in the CA SERPs and you could bring up .ca’s in the AU SERPs… so it’s rampant!
More Awesome Optimizers – and last but certainly not least is a big shout out and hugs to Virginia and the gang at Bruce Clay for continuing the movement to make SEO Superheroes!! It’s good to have some fun now and again, we could all use it.
SEO Training for Search Warriors – and last but not least, we have a new community for the SEO geeks and pros out there! Sure, it’s actually MINE… but it’s still news dammit! Can’t a fella bask now and again? Oh yea, if you’re looking for a discount, see the SEJ post on the launch.
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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

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sMore link up your data – Science for SEO

Wolfram|Alpha for Astronomy – Wolfram Alpha

9 SEO Takeaways from Google’s Joachim Kupke at SMX East – Audette Media

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Tales of a Semantic Web Skeptic – the Haystack Blog (MIT)

Social Search

Social Search is coming to Google (and more on Twitter) – Search Engine Land

Google Labs Rolling Out Social Search Experiment – Search Engine Watch

How to find treasure using Twitter – Alt Search Engines

Is social now a compulsory SEO skill? [SEO Writing] – SEO Scoop

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Bing To Do Deal With Twitter, Launch Its Own Twitter Search – And – Google and Twitter have a deal – Search Engine Land

Google & Bing announce real time search deals with Twitter –  SEO Book

Local SEO

Google Maps Helps Businesses Find Themselves – SE Roundtable

Google Maps Still Offering Old Business Listings Page? – Search Engine Roundtable

Evolving the look of Google Maps – Google LatLong

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Google social Search – Marissa Mayer

Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz – Search Engine Roundtable

Friday’s with Stefan – Bing


Cutt’s Corner – all the latest videos from ol Matt Cutts

Will Google personalize results based on user IP location?

Does the size of a website affect its authority in Google?



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SOSG Alerts

SlideWorld is a Powerful resource for Powerpoint Slide Presentations. SlideWorld is a web resource designed to facilitate educational process of medical professionals.

Klout measures influence across the social web. We believe that every individual who creates content online has influence. is a real-time job search engine for the microblogging-service twitter

NASA Images is a search engine created through a partnership between NASA and the Internet Archive


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Search Patents

/end SOSG session – I hope you got your fix! We’ll see you next week; Happy Halloween!

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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7 Days of Search and Social; more news than you can handle!

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