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6 Ways to Extract All Links from the Current Page

Seeing what a web page links out to is one of the major steps of SEO diagnostics process.

This way you can see which internal pages are given more emphasis to, which anchor texts are used for both internal and external links; you can identify some red flags of possibly paid links, research the site “neighborhood”, etc.

This post lists 6 tools to help you run the analysis of all links used on a page:

Type Internal vs External Linked page info Link details Extract links
IWebTool Link Extractor Web-based no Google PR attributes (nofollow), title, anchor no
Link Extractor Web-based no no Link anchor text CSV
FireLink Report FireFox (Firebug) addon yes no Link anchor text no
SEM tools FireFox addon no no Link position on a page copy all / selected links
SEOquake FireFox addon yes Google PR, incoming links, etc nofollow CSV
OutWit Hub FireFox addon yes no no CSV

(Some details and screenshots can be found below)

1. IWebTool Link Extractor

(Web based)

Only 5 requests per hour are allowed for a free (and unregistered) user. The tool works pretty smoothly. The options include extracting links together with:

  • Title / anchor text of each one;
  • Full address;
  • All the attributes (including of course nofollow);
  • Google PageRank of the linked page (this one doesn’t seem to work properly):

Link extractor IWEBtool

2. Link Extractor

(Web based)

This is a basic but useful tool that extracts links from pages, displays them in a handy table including each link URL and link text (for image link it won’t show anything).

The best thing about it is that it allows to extract links to CSV file:

Link extractor

3. FireLink Report

(Firebug addon)

The addon generates the report containing all on-page links used on the current page grouped in 6 categories:

  • Internal and external
  • Internal only;
  • External only;
  • Absolute and relative;
  • Absolute only;
  • Relative only:

Firelink report


4. SEM tools link extractor

(FireFox addon)

This one extract links based on their position on a page.

SEM Tools: link extractor

5. SEOquake link extractor

(FireFox addon)

This one shows the wealth of linked page SEO stats:

  • Google PR;
  • # of results for SITE: search for the linked domain;
  • # of links to the page (via Yahoo! SiteExplorer);
  • Domain age (via Web Archive);
  • Delicious bookmarks of the URL; etc

Export links: retrieve data

6. OutWit Hub link extractor

(FireFox addon)

OutWit Hub is a powerful web page info extractor that can also extract links. It has many advanced abilities and can be configured in multiple ways (including support for the custom scraper). The basic default link scraper:

  • Extracts links;
  • Sorts internal links from external ones;
  • Offers quite a few various filtering options.

Outwit link extractor

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6 Ways to Extract All Links from the Current Page

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