6 All-in-One Tools for Quick SEO Diagnostics

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6 All-in-One Tools for Quick SEO Diagnostics

There are a number of tools that aggregate plenty of useful SEO related information on one page. The idea is that you can quickly evaluate any page and get an instant access to each individual source for more information.

I can’t say I use them very often but at times that’s really very convenient when you need a quick SEO overview (the star-rating for each tool reflects my personal opinion, please try and express your opinion on that). provides a huge range of useful data including:

  • On-site information (meta description, tags);
  • Popular pages (per Digg, Delicious, Twitturly, StumbleUpon, Reddit);
  • Alexa traffic details;
  • Technorati reactions;
  • Hosting details.

The overall tool usefulness:

6 All-in-One Tools for Quick SEO Diagnostics


Website Grader aggregates a lot of on-site data and also lets you compare your site with your chosen competitor. The tools also highlights general issues found (e.g. heading improper usage, too many images, etc).

The overall tool usefulness:

4 out of 5

The analysis lists:

  • Page metadata;
  • Heading summary;
  • Image summary;
  • Interior page analysis (a deeper look at a couple of your subpages);
  • Readability level;
  • Domain info;
  • Google PageRank;
  • Google indexed pages;
  • Last Google crawl date;
  • Traffic rank (Alexa);
  • Inbound links (plus Dmoz and Yahoo directory mentions);
  • Blog analysis (recent blog articles and Technorati rank);
  • Social media analysis (Delicious bookmarks and Digg score);
  • Top keyword Google rank;
  • Analysis summary.

Website Grader gives a lot of data (in a handy list style) and also calculates the website worth (that I actually don’t advise to rely on).

The overall tool usefulness:

4 out of 5
  • Alexa, Quantcast and Compete rank;
  • Backlinks;
  • Google indexed pages;
  • Dmoz mentions;
  • WhoIs data.

cubestat provides the following website related information (only for domain level, no subfolders or subdomains).

  • Meta description and keywords;
  • Alexa traffic;
  • Backlinks (based on Google and Yahoo);
  • Server location.

The overall tool usefulness:

3 out of 5

The site also gives the list of “related” sites: international resources of similar size and also similar-niche sites. aggregates data from:

  • Google PageRank
  • Alexa Rank (often broken);
  • Compete Rank;
  • Quantcast Rank
  • Google BackLinks;
  • Yahoo BackLinks;
  • Live Search BackLinks;
  • Technorati Links;
  • Bookmarks (also broken);
  • Bloglines subscribers.

The overall tool usefulness:

3 out of 5

What’s more, it provides a direct link to each service for you to easily view the results:

Test Everything does nothing more but centralizes a plenty of links in one place for your convenience:

  1. enter the URL you want to explore;
  2. choose the category;
  3. put ticks for the tools you want to check;
  4. push “Test website”;
  5. get a list of generated links to the reports at the services you chose at #3.

The overall tool usefulness:

3 out of 5

Test Everything

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