5 Web Design and Blog Design Features We May See By 2014

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As we approach mid-2013, we have to look at what we will be seeing by the end of the year. Like fashion and technology, the styles of websites and blogs you see would also evolve and change. Some create new data, others revert back to older formats, some recreate what is already out there, and some will simply remain the same. Below are a few of the different designs that we can expect to see in the world of blogs and web design as we get nearer to the year 2014.


Engaging with customers is everything when it comes to blogs, so this is likely a trend we will see in 2014. If it is an insurance site, then expect to see the ability to get instantaneous results and direct feedback for the quote you are getting.

Application paradigm

CSS and HTML 4 are the languages that most sites are written in today. Since Google does not like flash based websites, we will see less and less of them being created. Since Google does not like flash based websites, we will see less and less of them being created.

Websites that run like apps

HTML 5 allows certain elements of a site to be accessed via a browser, meaning it can be used like an application. One example of this is Google Docs. With the simplicity and ease of use, we are likely to see more and more blogs in this format. It allows you to visit these sites on any device that you may be using.

Responsive designs

More and more developers realize the need to make websites responsive. Sites are accessed on all kinds of devices and not just on desktops and laptop as in the past. With responsive design, the site is always on top and there are never any lags or delays. With responsive design, there is no wait and this is what all viewers are looking for.

Vertical scrolling

This is likely to be a trend that is going to take over. Although many sites offered both horizontal and vertical scrolling in the past, the future is likely going to provide simple vertical scrolling. It is easier for the viewer to understand because this is the way that we tend to read content. It is also easier for the viewer to scroll through because content is laid out neatly in this format. It was not as simple and basic with horizontal sites.

Although these are not all the changes and trends, these are likely going to be some of the major content changes and modifications that we can expect to see in throughout 2013 and in 2014. What parts of the web design would do you expect to evolve and what part do you expect to remain the same? Comment below and share your thoughts with us and the rest of our readers.

Morgan Akchehirlian

Morgan Akchehirlian

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