Kim Krause Berg owns Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, providing Usability Consulting services that take advantage of over 22 years’ experience in UX, UCD, IA, accessibility, web design, SEO and software testing.
She launched Cre8pc.com (decommissioned) in 1996 as a search engine optimization teaching site. Trained in Human Factors in 2000, Kim developed what she called “Holistic UX and SEO”. In 1998, she founded Cre8asiteforums, the first forums to discuss usability and accessibility topics. It was closed May 25, 2018.
Her extensive work experience in software testing, internet marketing, human factors, accessibility, information architecture and web design is rare. Kim is a writer, columnist, speaker and taught Basic Website Usability at the now closed Search Engine College for 12 years.

I am awesome at

SEO, Blogging, WEB Development, Design, usability, accessibility, information architecture

Favorite Tools

Yoast, Google Analytics