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4 Tools Visualizing Domain Backlinks

There are quite a few good Yahoo-based (and a couple of independent) backlink checking tools (both web-based and desk-top) that are great for investigating, organizing and keeping track of your own or competitors’ link building techniques. However we have very few tools so far allowing for some fun: i.e. visualizing the backlink statistics in any types of graphs or charts.

Here are 4 backlink visualizing tools I manages to find (please add those I missed out):

1. Link Diagnosis visualizes:

  1. Google PageRank distribution of the domain external links;
  2. Link types (‘good’, ‘N/A’, ‘nofollow’, ‘missing’):

Linkdiagnosis visualization

2. evidently (I wasn’t able to locate any official “about this tool” information on the site) compares most heavily “linked-out” domains: visualization

3. BlogPulse “trends” domain backlinks from blogs (I am not sure why it skips really powerful blogs and prefers their scrapers though):

Blogpulse: visualization

4. Crazy Egg – not a backlink checking tool but due to its “Confetti” feature you can get an idea which backlinks (referring domains) bring which types of audience (i.e. where people coming from various sites tend to click on your page):

Crazy Egg - Confetti

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4 Tools Visualizing Domain Backlinks

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