20+ Must-Have FireFox Search Plugins for SEOs

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Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
20+ Must-Have FireFox Search Plugins for SEOs

The ability to access almost any search engine right from your browser is awesome:

  • you have all engines in one place;
  • you can switch from engine to engine with one mouse click;
  • you save time and space: easy-to-use drop down menu to choose the engine you need;
  • you can enjoy quick and easy installation (besides, most of these search plugins work for both FireFox and Internet Explorer);
  • you get plenty of search options without making your browser work slower (unlike with many of extensions).

FireFox search plugins for SEOs: search plugin Google and Yahoo (if you don’t have their dedicated toolbars installed);

2.urban dictionaryUrban dictionary – to search for your keyword slang and urban synonyms and definitions.

3.thefreedictionaryThe Free Dictionary – to research your keyword related terms, definitions and synonyms.

4.whoisWhois Look-up – to quickly find a domain registrant’s details.

5.summizeSummize – to get instant access to Twitter live conversation search.

6.facebookFacebook search – to find people and build connections.

7.Disable personalized searchGoogle unpersonalized search – to turn off personalized search in Google.

8.Google without WikipediaGoogle without Wikipedia – to get rid of wiki results in Google SERPs.

9.alexaAlexa – search to access any website traffic details instantly. – tag search to expand your keyword research with related tags and to find recent valuable information.

11.Geoip lookupGeoip lookup – to find out geo location of any IP address or domain name.

12.web archiveInternet Archive Wayback machine – to learn how the site previously looked like.

13.smartpagerankSmart Page Rank – to get plenty of aggregated data (Alexa traffic, registration date, backlinks, etc) on a given website (note: PR function isn’t working).

14.quantcastQuantcast – to access any website traffic and demographics stats.

15.redditReddit – to search recent popular submissions.

16.tinyurlTinyURL – to quickly and easily create short URLs.

17.validatorW3C Markup Validator – to check any page HTML errors.

18.wordtrackerWordtracker – to run quick keyword research with WT free version.

19.technoratiTechnorati – to quickly check any blog reactions.

20.linkedinLinkedIn – to search people related to your business.

21. Any more? Sure! They are numerous – just think which sites you often search (e.g. Flickr or Yahoo Answers) and check if they have a search plugin available.

How to add a new search plugin?

There two easy ways to do that:

  1. Navigate to the site you need and click “Add engine” from the drop-down menu;
  2. Add a search plugin

  3. Search the huge directory of available search plugins and click the one you want to instantly install it.

How to create a search plugin?

Here are 2 valuable easy to use guides on creating a search plugin:

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