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14 Uber Cool Reasons to Attend SAScon UK (+Discount for SEJ Readers!)

Without a doubt, one of the best things happening in the UK search and social industry for 2010 is the launch of SAScon…even if, as one of the organisers, I do say so myself!

Organised by a not-for-profit co-op of search and social folk in the UK, SAScon is a conference that really encapsulates what the UK industry is all about – advocating better and more effective search and social marketing via the community that drives it!

SAScon has all the calibre you would expect from a conference keen to make a huge impact on non-professionals and professionals alike, but before you sit back and get sold the following 14 reasons to attend SAScon, check and clear your diaries to make sure the 28th April is free!

So here we go…

Reason 1: Fantomaster – talking ‘blackhat’ and link-building – certainly a session not to be missed.  Aaron Wall described him as “one of the most insightful minds and original voices in the search game” and so certainly not a session to be missed.  I can’t wait!

I bet by this point you’ve already bought your ticket?!  Well, carry-on reading anyway…

Reason 2: Andy-Atkins Kruger – a true specialist in multilingual-SEO and pan-European / global SEO campaigns.  If international SEO is something that tickles your boat then Andy should be able to provide some great insights.

Reason 3: Yoast / Joost de Valk – a speaker with great charisma, charm and of course is an all-round nice guy.  Not only that, but hugely smart and influential in the word of search with his ever-growing SEO gizmos and WordPress plugins.

Reason 4: Ben Jesson, CEO of Conversion Rate Experts – a very well regarded guy in the arena of maximising returns on SEO and paid search investments.  Somebody, most search pros can learn from.

Reason 5: Rishi Lakhani – a super sharp in-house SEO, and hugely sociable on Twitter too.  Someone that has really impressed me with his fresh thinking and an opinion I’m looking to hear more from in the coming months and years.

Reason 6: Malcolm Coles – an internet marketing consultant who is very vocal on high-profile SEO and PR matters.  Nothing beats a well-considered and bold opinion!  Looking forward to hearing what Malcolm has to say for sure.

Reason 7: Dixon Jones – Marketing Director at Majestic SEO tools and Director at internet marketing agency, Receptional.  I Love Majestic and what it is looking to deliver with ongoing developments and partnerships, so will be great to hear more from Dixon at SAScon.

Reason 8: Lyndon Antcliff, world renowned social media marketer specialising in link-baiting.  If you’re looking to understand more about gaining links en masse then fighting for a front-seat with Lyndon’s session might not be a bad idea at all.

Reason 9: Bas Van Den Beld – well regarded search marketer and a blogger that has given a huge amount to the community over at…certainly worth tapping in to all that content, research and news he must have amassed between his ears!

Reason 10: Richard Gregory – an all-round nice guy, smart, and oh, did I mention he oversees the delivery of all search engine marketing campaigns for Latitude – one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK?

Reason 11: Judith Lewis – Search Director at i-level, blogger at SEO Chicks, chatty lady – just don’t get your Canada’s and USA’s mixed-up in front of her!!  😉

Reason: 12: Will McInnes – someone that really believes in and drives digital PR and social media – Managing Director for NixonMcInnes, a social media / web dev agency.

Reason 13: James Yancey, MD at SearchIgnite analytics software – smart PPC / SEO management and reporting software with oodles of features and keen to share conversion, tracking and attribution management thoughts.

Early Bird & SEJ Reader Discount

Reason 14: <Warning: you’re about to read an uncompromising sales message…>  It’s only £225 with the early bird discount (until 1st March), but If you miss the early bird discount, Search Engine journal readers can cash in on 12.5% OFF the regular price – so make sure you cash in (just make sure you quote: SASSEJ001)!!  SAScon is just half the price of many UK conference day passes too!

Needless to say, to see these awesome speakers at such a low price is quite the rarity! </sales message>

Any questions give me a shout on Twitter, chat with SAScon on Twitter,  or visit:

Ben writes about SEO consulting on his blog, Just Me and My, he’s an organiser of SAScon, and all whilst working as an SEO Director at Mediaedge:cia, a WPP company.  Ben is quite the busy bee!


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14 Uber Cool Reasons to Attend SAScon UK (+Discount for SEJ Readers!)

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