10 Tips to Improve Your SEO Using Twitter

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Google and Bing are constantly working on integrating the social and search results. Social media becoming the voice of the people cannot be ignored or neglected.

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Twitter is  the most popular micro blogging platform as of today .Twitter is a large network and  has the potential to supplement your SEO activities .  If the tweets from your account are focused and topical then it surely helps you to establish your online reputation and build a brand online. But, on the contrary, vague tweets do not have any SEO benefit and it is just a sheer waste of time and energy.

Below are some tips that you may consider while tweeting which will help in your SEO campaign.

1. Brand Name

Your brand name or username should reflect your site name or offered services as this is what will be mentioned and displayed as your network, re-tweeted your posts. The more re-tweets your post’s get, the higher its significance.

2. Profile / Bio

As a point of reference, put your website link on your profile page. The bio content is the information part of your Twitter. Maximize it and make it relevant to your website, and the link that you display on your twitter profile, point it to a relevant page that will help with your conversions, rather than just pointing it back to your websites home page.

3. Links

Since Google is now displaying  tweets in SERPs, despite nofollow, putting your links on your posts will aid your link building activities or has the potential of giving a wider web presence. Also, accompany your links with effective keywords. You can post your links several times or in interval in order to maximize possible keywords and contents, and exposure.

4. Hash Tags

Hash Tags is a Twitter feature that works like a Meta data for your tweets. These are posts with “#” symbol like “#web” and “#development”. Hash Tags help organize tweets and determine the trending information in Twitter.

5. Mentions

If you to mention users in Twitter you need to put a “@” symbol before their usernames. It is like a retweet effect and the more your account is retweeted, the higher your relevance. It is like voting policy. Hence, whenever you tweet, or Re-Tweet other users ensure to use the @symbol before their username.

6. Be a Help to Others

Re-tweeting, other relevant posts especially those that are of the same niche with yours will help you build your brand and promote your services. Posting everything coming from your site may somehow looks like a spam. Also, as you retweet, you have been a help to others too, by giving your followers a good choice of links to view.

7. Tweet Interval

Do not post bulk of tweets at once as this will annoy your followers, clogging up their stream, but instead spread your tweets out over the day with a decent interval, I would suggest of about an hour or two interval is good.

8. Blog Site

Promoting a blog site like your corporate one is a good option too. Blog sites can provide more information to your visitors and is the best place to interact with them, help them, know their thoughts, allow them to share your articles and contribute contents via comments, and also giving them the option to Re-Tweet your articles.

9. Twitter Button

Twitter button is now a requirement to many websites. It is a great aid to share pages easier.

10. Build your online brand

An effective Twitter account does not just help in your SEO, but will build your online brand, and increase visibility of your company and brand, by building new connections.

Last but not the least, determine a purpose for your Twitter presence. Do you want to focus on customer support or share information about your products and services or would you like to engage with your potential customers or would just like to converse with people from your own industry, etc. Only when you have a purpose you will get a direction and only then it is possible to monitor and measure the success, else it becomes a vehicle without a driver and no destination.

Optimizing your twitter account is optimizing your search engine visibility too. By managing it well, you will have a higher chance to create a bigger network, connect more to people and gain the exposure you need.

Wasim Ismail

Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online industries.
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  • Nick Stamoulis

    I think you have to determine the purpose of your Twitter handle before you send out your first tweet. Your goal is going to determine what kind of information you share, what kind of followers you want and who you plan on following and the voice you’ll be using. There has to be a solid reason behind the actions, just like with any other marketing tool.

    • Thos003

      Nick, you make some good points when using a twitter account for a marketing campaign, but what about using twitter to just be social? If you take the fun out of “Fundamentals” then all you have left are “da-mentals”.

    • Wasim Ismail

      Having a clear focus on what you are looking to achieve will assist you and direct you in what sort of tweets you put out. Your correct, there has to be a good reason to everything, and every time you tweet and share something, there has to be a purpose and a reason behind it, in relation to your online business

  • Marian Zburlea

    I don’t know if all you’ve said is true, but some of it i believe it is, nice job writing this article

    • Wasim Ismail

      Marian Twitter can help in your online branding and making your presence known online, give it a try :), you will surely see some increase in your traffic.

  • Greg

    I’m disappointed… I thought this article was about how to use Twitter to boost SEO for a website, not a Twitter 101 article. The title is misleading.

    • Patrick Allmond

      Here here Greg. Thanks for saying what I was typing below. The author also needs to realize that hashtags are a user thing, not a twitter thing. And they sure as heck do not determine trending topics. If so they’d be easy to game.

  • Axcell

    This is a nice beginners guide on what twitter is and it’s tools. There are lots of applications out there that let one run scheduled tweets or timed notices for events.

  • Mark

    I’m new to using Twitter as an SEO companion tool so this article was very useful. Covering the basics is a good affirmation for those of us that didn’t take the 101 course. 🙂


    • Wasim Ismail

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, as Twitter can be a great avenue of bringing traffic to your website, and interacting with your visitors, readers and customers.

  • Chuck Reynolds

    I was actually wondering about this the other day – what is the optimal character count for your twitter bio? It used to be cut off pretty short but a while back they opened it up to where you can post a lot.
    Google doesn’t pull a snippet from your bio it pulls the latest tweet so… I’m not sure if it matters too much but I’m wondering what everybody thinks about it.

  • Christopher Quinn

    Great article, people forget about Twitter and SEO, but it’s definitely a necessity as part of your SEO plan. Thanks!

  • Web Hosting Service

    Brand name plays a major role in the Twitter campaign success with the profile structure too.

  • Prashant Sn

    Twitter & FaceBook really palys an important tole in SEO. i=It helps us to promote brand and products through these source…today Social Media is part of SEO…

    • Wasim Ismail

      Yes Socail Media does play a part in SEO, and also general marketing for a company. Especially when your tweets gets indexed by Google within seconds, it surely shows some value and importance to social media and SEO.

  • Julia Spotlight

    Can anyone let us know the name of the software systems that social media managers use in proffessional circumstances ie to analyze the effectiveness of their Twitter account? I’m not referring to Google Analytics but the other ones that are specifically tailor made for Social Media that the big brands use.

  • Chicago SEO

    I’ve come to the conclusion that me and twitter just do not get along. I’m down with your facebook advice though.

  • Justin W Hall

    At what point can i just have fun with Twitter. Or is that not allowed anymore 😉

  • Randy Addison

    Thanks for the wonderful article. Linking and the time interval for the tweets is actually important. There are times that tweeting will be most effective especially in the times that most of your followers are online.

  • PPC Services India

    The most important thing is based on the target audience and their time zone – the important information should be tweeted.

  • SEO Fredrik

    Thanks for a great post! This article was very useful for beginners in Twitter

  • 3 Birds Marketing

    Thanks for sharing Nick; it’s often easy for those new to Twitter to overlook its use as a SEO tool that can help outside of Twitter. I found the first three steps to be the most useful for those of us already familiar with Twitter basics.

  • Alyasha

    Those are all good points to remember when using your twitter account. I have been maintaining few client accounts and always try to adhere to those guidelines when twitting.
    I have also found few useful things to add to the list:
    1.If you would like to get noticed you should check in the trending section often and twit something relevant as often as you can.
    2.In trend topics do reply to people, because it will potentially generate conversation and that is good for your klout score.
    3.Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts that will share anything you post on one to another and save you some time.
    4.Thank people for following you with DM. It is polite and will be appreciated in the long run.
    5.Put an effort into creating avatar that is unique and is representing your business or you.
    6.Do not set your profile settings to private (only chosen people could retwitt your twits) bad idea you are losing some potential mentions, followers etc and that won’t allow your klout score to grow.
    7.Do not follow too many people it would probably not help you with your rep at all.
    8.Do not share information that is complete trash, chances are someone would read through it and notice.
    9.Do not leave your default avatar for your account, looks like you don’t care and also looks like you may be spamming.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this informative article. I really find it hard on how to drive traffic using Twitter. Now I have to tweet about an hour or two interval.

  • Basil

    I’m new to the twitter and this article helps me a lot. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Your correct, there has to be a good reason to everything, and every time you tweet and share something, there has to be a purpose and a reason behind it, in relation to your evden eve nakliyat

  • Hi-Tech Export

    Thanks for sharing regarding Tips of Twitter and I think about that Twitter is really very useful website for traffic and popularity; in this blog post you explain brilliant information for twitter, I am very glad to read it, great post.

  • mary grace viloria

    I am new to seo and i do not know that twiiter can be used for seo purposes.Thanks for this valuable information.

  • Shiva Prasad

    Thanks for informative article. Very useful for the SEO and Social Media beginners.

  • Boris

    Very good tips