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Yasni – Feature-Rich People Search Engine

Nowadays people search is as hot as never before – with so many social media networks people join to develop online connections and manage reputation it has become necessary to unite them all.

I’ve seen and tested a few people search engines before – none of them seemed really impressive. However the one I am reviewing today is definitely worth a try.

Yasni is a free (no-registration) people search engine that offers a few great features making it my favorite:

  • It aggregates data from a number (not too many) networks that really matter;
  • It represents huge volume of information in a very handy way;
  • It is clutter-free, yet complete and multi-feature.

Here’s the information it lists for a person’s name (I was testing it on myself, of course):

  • Search listings aggregated from social media sites;
  • Related people (I don’t remember this feature to be so relevant on other similar search engines);
  • Related tags (I was impressed by the result quality);
  • Associated images (both from Google images and Flickr).

Yasni - Ann Smarty

As for the search results, they are organized and presented in a user-friendly way:

  • The search results are sorted in tabs (work, personal, business, news, other, comments by the site members);
  • The search results are aggregated from most popular networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as news search and web (for Twitter you get the person’s profile itself as well the list of conversations discussing the person);
  • The search results can be sorted by date or by relevance;
  • The search results can be restricted by country (note: I don’t think this feature works properly though or I just didn’t get it).

And as you may have guessed the service also allows to create your profile on the site itself. Besides, it offers to create a missing person ad for free.

The service was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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Yasni – Feature-Rich People Search Engine

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