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4 People Search Engines – Looking for Someone Online

4 People Search Engines – Looking for Someone Online

Like reputation management, people search is rather a hot topic. Nowadays you can find almost anything about anyone online. Surprisingly, dedicated person search is not yet well-developed (probably that has something to do with burning online privacy problems) but still is something to look into:

Search Engine What you will learn about the person
Yoname.comSocial media mentions.
Intelius.comAge, previous cities and relatives.
Pipl.comMentions in web documents.
Zoominfo.comJob records.

1. focuses on social media search looking through LinkedIn, FaceBook, Yahoo 360, Flickr, Friendster, MySpace.

It searches for exact match (First Name + Second Name), for some social networks it will also check only first name / second name.

The tool will also sum up:

  • Location;
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Business related information.
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2. is a paid search engine that will provide you with the free search summary containing:

  • Person age;
  • Previous cities;
  • Relatives.

It will also suggest related queries to refine your search.

3. will get your IP and first try to search for a person located somewhere nearby. After that it will basically list the name web mentions.

4. focuses on business related information: it will look for the person as an employee of various companies.

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