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Yahoo to Shut Down All Yahoo Groups on October 21st

Yahoo announced that all Yahoo Groups will be shut down on Monday, October 21st, and all Groups content will be removed on December 14th.

After October 21st, users will no longer be able to upload new content to groups, but it will still remain on the network.

On December 14th, the following types of content will be removed from Yahoo Groups:

  • Files
  • Polls
  • Links
  • Photos
  • Folders
  • Calendar
  • Database
  • Attachments
  • Conversations
  • Email Updates
  • Message Digest
  • Message History

Going forward, Yahoo Groups will become harder to join as any currently public group will now be restricted or private. They can still be found in a search, but users will have to submit a request to join them.

In order to save content from a group before it’s removed, simply sign in to your Yahoo account and download the files directly from your group’s page. First you’ll have to request the data, then Yahoo will send an email when it’s ready for download.

Strangely, this imminent change to Yahoo groups was announced somewhat quietly. The only mention of it is in this support document.

Yahoo Groups will still exist in a minimal capacity after December 14th. Users will be able to communicate with fellow group members via email, and admins will have limited access to administration tools.

Jason Scott of The Internet Archive has vowed to preserve as much Yahoo Groups content as possible, so perhaps it might not all be lost forever.

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Yahoo to Shut Down All Yahoo Groups on October 21st

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