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Yahoo Site Explorer Showing Less Backlinks

After an update to Yahoo Site Explorer’s backlink tracking query results, Barry Schwartz reported over at SERoundtable that many webmasters were reporting a drop in their overall backlinks reporting, some with up to 100K backlinks missing.

Has Yahoo Site Explorer gone the way of the Googlebird in its backlinks reporting? Not yet, Yahoo does not seem to be limiting the amount of links being shown but may have possibly devalued some of the lesser important sites in its backlink reporting.

With multiple backlink generation systems and API driven research tools dependent upon Yahoo Site Explorer, I highly doubt the company would curtail one of the last lifelines it may have in its publisher relationship suite. If anything, the numbers may be more qualitative than before, as Yahoo Site Explorer has been known to index and report on some links which are non-existent or dated.

If Yahoo ever did drop its backlink reporting, or if you are looking for an alternative to Yahoo, I would suggest using Exalead or BlogPulse for doing so. They may not be better than Yahoo, but can give you another approach to pinpoint some of the backlinking data that Yahoo may be missing.

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Yahoo Site Explorer Showing Less Backlinks

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