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Explore Your Competitors’ Backlinks Beyond Yahoo Site Explorer

I have previously covered numerous ways to explore your competitors’ backlinks via various web-based and desktop tools and even with the help of FireFox Extensions.

Still all of these tools rely on Yahoo or Yahoo Site Explorer to retrieve the link profile data.

This time I am going to look into 2 alternative search engines allowing to explore backlinks of a site. Neither of them is any better than Yahoo, but what’s important they are different providing you with other data you might have missed.

1. Exalead provides a wide variety of sorting options enabling you to find sites you’d never come across otherwise. With link: operator you can:

  • search only for blogs; commercial or non-commercial sites; forums;
  • set language preferences;
  • set geographic location;
  • filter results by choosing the site’s related key term.


(Note: I broke the screenshot in two columns to make it more readable)

What’s more, Exalead advanced search also provides for a number of great options to enhance your link: search:

  • inurl:keyword (sample search);
  • filetype:pdf;
  • intitle:(keyword)

2. BlogPulse tracks blog mentions for any URL you indicate. While being a good addition to Technorati blog reactions search, BlogPulse allows for better tracking options and also works for non-blog sites.


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Explore Your Competitors’ Backlinks Beyond Yahoo Site Explorer

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