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Yahoo Search Marketing’s International Advertising Obstacles : Accounts & Currency

Yahoo Search Marketing Panama is currently expanding in the UK, specific EU countries, & Japan while the company plans to launch their new Panama interface in Brazil later this month, which will be its first rollout in Latin America.

There are currently two major obstacles however for users who wish to run International geotargeted campaigns via Yahoo Search Marketing; the requirement to set up different accounts and account management in local currency.

Today at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry covered a thread discussing how Y!SM advertisers have to set up separate accounts Internationally:

Yahoo has set up their pay per click management system to require you to set up new accounts in each country region that you want to advertise in.

For example, if you are a USA based advertiser and want to advertise in the UK, you must set up a new account in the UK with the Yahoo division there. Keep in mind, Yahoo does allow geo-targeting within the country you are in.

Barry’s quick post reminded me of a short discussion I had with Rafael Jimenez of Yahoo at SES Latino. During the panel on Yahoo Search Marketing Panama’s expansion there were various screen captures on the slideshow from account management within the EU, UK and Brazil; and I noticed that these were all in local currencies.

So, I asked Mr. Jimenez if advertisers who perform an International campaign, targeting different countires, have to manage each campaign in that country’s local currency. His response was yes and he seemed quite aware of the ‘problem’ and noted that Y!SM was looking for feedback from International search marketers on this.

Google currently allows advertisers to run International campaigns in the currency of their home country, which allows for incredible ease of use on a global spectrum. Google may also bring in some extra revenue from this practice, with their exchange rates conversion.

After Y!SM Panama rolls out globally, using the current setup, not only will separate accounts have to be set up, but campaigns run in local currencies such as the Brazilian Real, the English Pound, the Japanese Yen and the Euro.

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Yahoo Search Marketing’s International Advertising Obstacles : Accounts & Currency

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