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Yahoo Desktop Search Update Supports Mozilla Thunderbird Mail

Yahoo Desktop Search Update Supports Mozilla Thunderbird Mail

Yahoo updated Yahoo! Desktop Search today to provide support for Thunderbird, the Mozilla open-source mail client. Thunderbird users on Windows can now use
Yahoo! Desktop Search (Y!DS) to search and find email and email attachments.

Duke Fan, Sr Product Manager, Search Client Team, posted about the update on the Yahoo! Search Blog : We’re excited to introduce three new improvements –

1. Support for Mozilla Thunderbird email client: Indexes all email and attachments in Thunderbird.
2. Simplified UI and tabs: Your feedback was very helpful. Please keep your comments coming either on our message board or with our feedback form
3. Reduced download size: Most of you just need to search emails, MS Office docs, PDFs and other common filetypes. So we’ve made the initial download much faster by splitting out support for the large number of less common filetypes into a separate expansion pack. You can download the free expansion pack at any time, or YDS will let you know when you’ve encountered a filetype that requires it.
(NOTE: if you had version 1.0 or 1.1 of YDS, you will still need to install the expansion pack even though the older versions included all the filetype support. Sorry for the inconvenience this time, but we’ll find a way to make this unnecessary for future upgrades.)

From the release : The winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award, Y!DS makes it easy to search for almost anything users have on their hard drives, indexing over 200 file types which also includes emails, attachments, documents, music, images, videos, and more. Using its advantage to leverage the Yahoo! network, Y!DS also searches the address book and Yahoo! Messenger archives.

Note : Jeremy Zawodny totally blasted me last night about not linking to the post on YSearchBlog which I quoted. Here’s Jeremy’s rant :

I’d suggest linking the phrase “posted about the update” or maybe “on the Yahoo! Search Blog”. But being in the Search business, you know all about choosing good anchor text, right?

WTF?! Is there not enough room for a little link with that massive AdSense unit smashing their content into a small space above the “fold”?

No, that can’t be it. Links don’t really take up visual space. So what is it? I know they understand links–their page is full of links to their own content. Just scroll down on that page.

This was a common mistake, I was checking my email last night after fixing a lawnmower which broke while I was trying to chop down an acre of overgrown weeds and stumps under the blazing sun and steaming humidity and wanted to get a post on Y!DS’s update before passing out. Point taken on the lacks of links Jeremy and I’ll address this in future posts.

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Yahoo Desktop Search Update Supports Mozilla Thunderbird Mail

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