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SMS Text launched in April of 2006 and has added a social networking and 2.0 search approach to the ‘search & win’ model. Before looking into Winzy, let’s look at the history of search & win.

The concept of paying back search engines users with incentives, prizes or revenue share is not a new one. CBS began the main stream prize oriented search engine model seven years ago when they launched iWon, which is now an IAC property and part of the family.

Ever since the launch of iWon however, there have not been very many prize oriented search engines which have made a name for themselves. MSN Search tried this strategy about a year ago with MSN Search & Win but the technique to win over new searchers did not really take off.

Enter Winzy, a more Web 2.0 style of the Search & Win model. Winzy, currently in beta, has a list of major prizes in its treasure box including iPods, $500, and Xbox 360’s. 2.0 design and giving away Xbox 360’s, sounds like a match made in heaven for the techie generation and college kids.

Search Technology

Their search technology is powered by, as are Winzy’s sponsored results, which appear to be partnered with’s Sponsored Listings (a mouseover shows an url as the targets), the revenue from the Sponsored Listings must fuel the prize model in this case.

Winzy also offers clustered results (similar to, the ability to Narrow a search, and to Expand a search. For example, a search for checks prompts the user to narrow their search down to “personal checks” or a check printing brand such as “Current Checks”, the Expand option suggests other products to the user such as Address Labels.

Prizes, Rewards & Perks

Winzy works in a very simple fashion:

* Search using Winzy

* Each search is a chance to win. Search at the right time and you get to play a game to find out what you’ve won.

* Games include spinning prize wheels, slot machines, and opening suitcases with prizes hidden inside.

* Register with Winzy and earn Winzy Points which enter you into month-end sweepstakes. There is no cost to register or earn points.

* Win prizes by inviting friends to join Winzy. If your friend wins, you win the same prize.

Other tools from Winzy include :

* Networking : Friends can keep track of how their Winzy contacts are doing using their social style friends pages.

* Fan Club : Users can earn points for joining the club, win monthly prizes and win if referred fan club friends also win.

* Toolbars : Winzy also offers toolbars for Firefox and IE, along with Image search.

Search & Win Right For You?

In my personal experience I never caught on with the Search & Win model from iWon as I found the experience too intruding, cluttered and interferring with my search engine intentions.

Winzy is a little different as its sleeker design lends to a more swift user experience when searching and less intrusion. Being that Winzy results are powered by, if one does not use all of the bells & whistles, perhaps using Winzy as a default would be a profitable alternative.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • fleww3

    great search engine,with many perks.always find what im looking for right away!!!!!!

  • stan

    This is like an ad for Winzy. WTH is “Web 2.0 style”? Hilarious. Also, if you want Google results you can just go to Blingo.

  • maria rodriguez

    hi this is maria i want to know if i win of so i want to know if i win something.


    i would be happy if i win

  • mike

    I recently joined Winzy and won a $10 iTunes card. Waiting on it in the mail, so hopefully it comes!

  • Richard

    I joined Winzy about a year ago.
    So far, I won 3 times.
    5$ Amazon gift certificat
    10$ Amazon gift certificat
    5$ Amazon gift certificat

    I received all of them

  • iGifter

    Guys we are launching a new website that awards you gifts based on your searches on google!!!
    You only install our software and thats it. No profile creation required either. Easy and fast.
    Feedback is welcome at

  • Rita G

    msn search and win was the best it was a limited time only sweepstakes type deal. It was awesome giving away tons of prizes. I won a year of netflix the 3 at a time no limit package and a giftcard of a 100 dollars to You need to do better research……….
    A very popular search and win site right now is swagbucks you should check it out.

  • Erika Jackson

    Sorry to inform you all that WINZY is a major scam. Just click on the We’re Bringing Searchy back link on the top right and read all the negative comments.

    Used to be legit; no longer is.