How Your Website Can Benefit From A Content Delivery Network: Interview With David Henzel

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How Your Website Can Benefit From A Content Delivery Network: Interview With David Henzel

As part of our SEJ interview series, David Henzel of MaxCDN joins us to discuss the benefits of using a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute website content.

Why do websites need a CDN? The biggest reason why is to prevent websites from crashing when experiencing a large amount of traffic. David explains how CDNs help to balance the traffic load in the  video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • High traffic websites need a CDN in order to scale. For example if you’re suddenly experiencing a large influx of traffic your website might crash. A CDN helps to balance the traffic.
  • A CDN is made up of servers around the world that host your content, which it then serves to users from various locations.
  • To give you an idea of how well equipped a CDN is to handle traffic, MaxCDN has hundreds of servers in 15 locations around the world.
  • There are two types of customers that tend to require the services of a CDN. One type is enterprise customers, like TheNextWeb, and the second type is small bloggers.
  • A CDN is very easy to implement, especially when using WordPress. There are plenty of plugins out there. like W3 Total Cache, that take only around five minutes to set up.

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  • James R. Halloran

    CDNs are a necessity for high-traffic sites only. I don’t know why any small blogger would really need one. That is, unless their site becomes a high-traffic site of its own.

    • Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson)

      I’ve been using MaxCDN for a while now on my major sites. There is nothing worse than a site that loads slow!

  • David

    CDN is useful for high-traffic blogs with worldwide audience. But to be honest, I have seen images etc. loading a lot slower often with CDN compared to local hosting. Almost all websites that I have seen till date that use CDN are hardly any faster than those on their own servers. I still believe that a quality hosting and a good dedicated server is far better than paying for a CDN.