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UCmore XP: Stop Wasting Time with Search Engine Toolbars

We got plenty of search tools. In fact, list 165 of them. Some of them are basic toolbars like Google Toolbar while some others have extra features like Viewpoint Toolbar. But still, with all of them you have to come up with certain keywords that you are looking for. And what you get in return are links, loads of them. Related and wild ones…

What if, you have one basic reference point for the information you looking for and you get related sites to that topic in a neatly organized structure for you to check out. And this without doing any manual searches! UCmore XP does exactly that. It’s a browser plug-in (unfortunately, it’s Internet Explorer only) that sits in your menubar and does searches for you automatically on every site you visit.

Suppose you are a Manchester United Fan. You visit their official website. UCmore XP searches for keywords in the site and get lots of interesting related sites and presents them to you in intuitive menus. Hence, you get access to the Manchester United related fan pages, supporter clubs and more! That too without any manual searching. And as you move on to another new site, the menubar updates the links as per the content of the new page.

It does not get simpler than that.

It uses something called Predictive Analytical EngineTM to analyze the pages and generate related links to the website. And one of the major sources for its results is the Open Source Directory. Company advices site owners to get their site listed in DMOZ to get listing in UCmore XP results. It would have been awesome if it used Google’s engine for results as it is arguably the most comprehensive database of websites on the internet. Getting into DMOZ for a normal site owner is tough because they are slow to include new sites in the database. It’s not automatic so, you don’t exactly get access to a broad spectrum of websites in your hands through UCmore XP.

The disadvantages with UCmore XP is that it needs Internet Explorer 5 and above which rules out alternative browsers. Also, a reference point is needed to start surfing sites to what information is required by the user. That’s why; the company presents this utility as a search accelerator instead of a search tool.

It surely makes surfing fun by providing more and more content related to the site you are surfing on! Letting you to explore the true power of the internet without using any dull manual search toolbars!

What they can do to improve the package:
Not having the ability to search by keywords leaves room for the user to shift to a more conventional search toolbar. Maybe if they can incorporate a search box into the package… that would make it the ultimate utility! The only thing you might miss would be an adblocker so yeah, they need a popup blocker too.

Download: UCmore XP

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist at Search Engine Journal and also the publisher of TechWhack, an upcoming Blog Portal on technology.

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UCmore XP: Stop Wasting Time with Search Engine Toolbars

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