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Tweets Will Now Be Included in Google Desktop Search Results

tweets in google

It was announced back in February that a new deal was struck between Twitter and Google which would see the indexing of tweets in Google’s search results.

Now, six months later, the promised new feature is finally live. This new was announced very nonchalantly via Twitter on Friday:

You may recall in May there was an announcement by Google regarding indexed tweets. That was to announce the fact that tweets would be included in searches conducted using the Google app.

Friday’s announcement is to note the fact that tweets are now included in all English desktop searches. Eventually we can hope to see yet another announcement of tweets being indexed in all English mobile searches as well.

With mobile being such a powerhouse in search it’s a curious move by Google to bring this feature to desktop search first.

In any case, this feature is now live. When you search for notable public figure or brands you get a stream of their latest tweets embedded in the search results pages.

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Tweets Will Now Be Included in Google Desktop Search Results

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