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TubeMogul Secures $3 Million in Funding for Online Video Distribution

TubeMogul Secures $3 Million in Funding for Online Video Distribution

Video distribution providers TubeMogul, who we have covered on Search Engine Journal at TubeMogul : Distribute Your Video to Multiple Sites, has secured a round of $3 Million in funding from Trinity Ventures reports NewTeeVee.

TubeMogul Secures $3 Million in Funding for Online Video DistributionTubeMogul provides a quick access to quite a number of well known video hosting communities: Howcast, Viddler, Crackle, Revver, Dailymotion, YouTube and many more. Of course you will need to register at each site in advance (quick tip: when creating an account at each site, make sure to make it complete: add an avatar, link back to your site, important details, etc)..

TubeMogul’s client base is quite impressive, with the White House, The Onion, CBS Interactive, PBS, Conde Nast, Warner Bros, and Revision3 all using their video distribution services.

One of the grestest aspects of TubeMogul is its analytical tracking, which it is working on enhancing with this new round of investment. TubeMogul currently lets users see how many times videos and profiles have been viewed overall and yesterday, and the historical statistics. The statistics can be viewed in a table or on the graph – a great way to analyze your video performance, viewers’ response, etc:

TubeMogul Secures $3 Million in Funding for Online Video Distribution

NewTeeVee also reports that TubeMogul has “a LOT of goodwill among web video makers — TubeMogul also acquired startup Illumenix in October to better compete in video tracking technology with companies like Visible Measures. TubeMogul is currently working to deploy rich audience and engagement analytics, and plans to be cash-flow positive before the end of this year.

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