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We regularly review various rank checkers and trackers so that you could compare and choose. This week I have something new and awesome for you: SEO Ranking Monitor. The features I liked most of all:

(!) Sleek and usable interface;
(!) Nice-looking visualization tools;
(!) No clutter: no unnecessary features.

So let’s take a look at the tools settings and options.

The Process

Start by clicking “Settings” to configure tracking:

  • Domains: add your domain here;
  • Keywords: enter your keywords to track. You can add keywords one by one or in bulk. You will also need to tag each keyword for better report organization.
  • Competitors: add your SERPs competitors to compare rankings;
  • Google Analytics: grant access to your Google Analytics account to see results from your rankings;
  • Search engines: select the search engines to track rankings in. You will have a huge choice of multiple Google local versions:

SEO rank monitor

The results

Here’s where the real fun starts. You will have access to multiple tables and charts visualizing your stats.

SERP monitor: here you will be able to see a table containing your current rankings for each keyword in each search engine and the most recent change. You can export the whole table to Excel and filter the keywords by tag:

SEO rank monitor

Competitors Monitor: this table compares your rankings with your competitors’ ones. Click through tabs to see the comparison across all tracked search engines:

SEO rank monitor

Domain Monitor: this table represents your summarized domain stats in all chosen search engines:

  • Average rankings of the tracked keywords;
  • Backlinks;
  • Indexed pages:

SEO rank monitor

From each table you can access cool charts visualizing your ranking fluctuation:

SEO rank monitor

Dashboard: summarizes it all by visualizing your stats in really nice-looking charts that will let you see your rankings distribution:

SEO rank monitor

Our verdict: This is one of the most usable rank tracking tools I’ve used (and I’ve used quite a few). The tool also appears to be really affordable and complete in terms of all required features. You can also try the tool for free, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Brian Hancock

    Nice tool, maybe you or someone else can help me with my dilemma – an affordable tool to report on 700+ domains. Webposition fits the bill and has for quite some time, but I’m concerned about the future of the product since it was sold not too long ago.


  • Nimit Kashyap

    Looks like a good tool to monitor rankings.

  • Andreas Ramos

    1) Brian’s question is good: how to track several hundred domains. I manage perhaps 100 URLs. Maybe those guys will develop an truly business version.

    2) The real question: Is this even possible? Google’s results are different for each user, depending on the user’s search history. There is no “One Google Result for Everyone”. I’ll sign up for the free trial to test that.

    3) There’s also the SERPs info in Google Webmaster Tools. It’s not automated, but it’s free, and it’s Google’s, and probably the best tool.

  • Ann Smarty

    Addressing the questions and concerns above:

    I for one don’t use rank trackers as you, guys. I see no point in tracking ALL my keywords and URLs I want to promote – for the simple reason that , like Andreas pointed out, SERPs are different, you can’t know your “real” rankings because this thing doesn’t exist. All people see (slightly or very) different SERPs.

    I use rank trackers to only monitor my BASE / most important words (this usually goes about home page rankings). I track my kwd rankings not to learn where my site exactly stands, but to see the dynamics.

    If you are concerned about which tool to use, try a few and just choose the one that makes you feel better. They may be similar in features but different in usability. You can’t please everyone.

    And lastly, if Web Position stops existing you will always be able to switch to another tool once it does. It is never too late 🙂 (IF that’s the only reason that bugs you with the tool)

  • Mark Thompson

    Seems to be a pretty neat tool with some good features. I especially like the keyword trend report that charts your increase/decrease over time. That chart would make it easy for a client to see improvements in your SEO efforts.

    I agree with your comments Ann, you shouldn’t worry about if you are ranking #12 one day and #11 the next day for a given keyword. Focus more on gaining visibility for a larger number of terms (long tail).

    As far as the price, I would be curious to see if it is worth the $39/month when there are many other similar rank checkers out there that are free or you pay a one time fee for the software.

  • Clive Hawkins

    This sounds like an interesting tool and could be worth a try, especially with the Domain Monitor stats and the trend reports. I presume it uses the necessary API to avoid attracting undue attention from running searches against Google?

    Of course rank checkers are OK to an extent as benchmarking tools, but an analytics package with organic referral data is a much more meaningful measure in the long run!

  • Nirupam Roy

    It looks like a good tool but on trying to create an account and use it for free for the first month, they are asking to sign up using paypal, which looked very funny. In one way they are saying that the first month is free and the other way they are asking the user to sign in through paypal. Isn’t amazing?

    But reading the posts, it looked like a good tool to use.

  • Rick

    They mention instant support but there is no link to any.

  • Dmitry

    Nice Tool.
    Nirumap brings an excellent point!
    I would propose reviewing the following tool which provides basic features for free: