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Track Any Page Changes with Diphur

I have reviewed some ways to track any page for changes (listing some web-based tools, FireFox addons as well as Google Chrome extension). This can have various application for different SEO-related tasks like SERPs tracking, reputation monitoring, keyword research, etc.

Today I am sharing another alternative tool you may want to try.

Diphur is a new fun service that lets you bookmark and page to track its changes. It has a few really unique features outlined below.

The first thing to do is to register an account which took me a few seconds.

The new-bookmark screen allows you to set the following options and parameters:

  • The URL of the page;
  • The page title (to easily identify it in the list of your bookmarklets);
  • Private/Public settings (if you want your bookmark to be publicly visible or not);
  • The checking and update frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly);
  • The change percentage – gotta love it! – to be able to be notified of all or only substantial changes;
  • The keywords to track;
  • The exact-match keywords;
  • The update notification delivery time:

diphur - new bookmark

Track Recent SERPs Changes with Diphur

One of the first things I did when trying the tool was obviously using it for 24-hour-old Google search results – this is like Google Alerts that work! While I am already using a few other tools for that, this one seems a better fit because it allows to set how substantial the change should be to be included in the update – this makes it easier to track ONLY real changes (when it comes to tracking SERPs, this turns priceless).

So I have set up a bookmarklet for the following page (tracking only 10%-change):

Track SERPs

Here’s how the daily update looks like (It really contains new results!):

Track SERPs

2. Track Any On-Page Keyword

My further test was rather out of curiosity. Unlike the above one, I haven’t really started using the tool for keyword tracking – I just noticed the option and decided to give it a try.

Honestly enough, I haven’t thought hard of the example. I just set up a bookmark to track Sphinn home page for the term “SEO”.

The email update highlights the word you are tracking – which seems really useful (and I am going to add this option to my SERPs tracker to see my business name always highlighted):

Diphur keyword tracking


Via the tool settings you can also:

  • Set the vacation mode (to stop notifications while still tracking);
  • Change the subject line of your email notification;
  • Change your time zone:

diphur settings

All in all, I found it a very useful tool and I am going to stick to it. Let me know what you think!

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Track Any Page Changes with Diphur

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