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I’ve been looking at a few rank checking and monitoring tools previously. This time I am going to share a few ways to monitor the top Google results position changes by RSS, email or FireFox. This short guide will be useful for:

  • tracking recent brand name mentions (by monitoring the advanced date-range search);
  • tracking your (core) term SERPs changes (to keep an eye on new emerging sites in top 10 for example).

Keep Track of Google SERPs via RSS:

There are several tools allowing you to feed any page and track its changes via RSS. My personal favorite is Feedity because it’s really simple and easy-to-use. Let’s try it:

  1. search for your term in Google (I am searching for [Ann Smarty] mentions over the past 24 hours);
  2. copy the URL string;
  3. go to Feedity and enter the search results URL;
  4. "show" the tool which links to track:


Now you are done! Add the feed to your preferred Google reader, check back daily for new entries:

Feedity - Read

Keep Track of Google SERPs with FireFox:

There’s a handy FireFox addon called UpdateScanner that lets you monitor any page changes:

  • it allows you to set the scan frequency;
  • it alerts you of the changes instantly;
  • it highlights any page changes.

Here is how it looks for the same Google results page:

Update Scanner

Keep Track of Google SERPs via eMail:

I have already mentioned tools updating you on any page changes via email.

Track Engine is one of the oldest services of the type and is still my favorite one for multiple handy setting it allows to change:

  • track a page daily/ every two days/ every three days/ weekly;
  • send the report only in case XX edits were introduced;
  • track only specified keywords (e.g. news);
  • track changes to: hyperlinks / images / dates / numbers;
  • exclude changes containing any specified keywords; etc.

Here is how the report for [Ann Smarty] search looks like:

Track Engine

Ann Smarty

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  • Erin

    We’ve been using sheerseo. What do you think of them? Track Engine looks good too. Thanks for the post!

  • Dave Barnes

    I really like
    The cost is very reasonable.
    Eyal (the developer) is very responsive and helpful.
    I am currently using SheerSEO to track 20 websites.

  • MikeW

    Cool! Feedity is a great find. Works like a charm on several other sites that lack a feed.

  • Ann Smarty

    @Erin, @Dave, I did a review on in the past – I do believe they are worth a try. The tools above are of a different kind – there is no need to compare. The more various tools you use, the more information you get.

  • Aleksandar Ratkovic

    This Feedity tool is nice. Thanks for pointed out.

  • Global Trading Marketplace

    Good tools for SEO. Thanks for the great stuff.

  • Market Challenges

    Great find…., thanks Ann =)

  • Sei in abruzzo

    Great suggestiona Ann. I love you.

  • david

    great article, now i have 3 more toys to play with, just a matter of finding the time 🙂

    thank you

  • Nashville Cabling

    I will try it out.

  • ravi

    This Feedity tool is nice. Thanks for pointed out.

  • Dmitry

    Great post!
    Please note that there are some free services like that allow you to track serps, save and monitor the data.